NWHSU Expert featured in SheKnows Self-Care Routines

Real Self-Care Routines That Migraine Sufferers Swear By

The pain, the sensitivity, the nausea. Nothing hurts more than a wallop of a migraine. After an attack, all migraine sufferers want to do is get back to a place of normalcy and peace of mind, literally. One way to help ease and prevent the pain is adopting a self-care routine that helps ease and prevent those heavy-duty migraine attacks. While these rituals might not be a cure to the migraines themselves, they can definitely help alleviate and prevent the attacks before they hit.

Keep on moving

“The less active someone is, the tighter their muscles are and the more likely they will experience headaches,” Dr. Michele Renee, D.C., M.Ac., Director of Integrative Care at Northwestern Health Sciences University, tells SheKnows. To relieve this pain, she recommends movement. Whether it’s going for a run or a walk, Dr. Renee says it’s important to keep the body and mind moving.  Yoga is another activity that relieves headaches and migraines. “Not only does this mindfulness practice decrease stress, but it also keeps the body moving to eliminate tension.”

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