NWHSU Faculty and Alumni Join the MCA Leadership Team

The Minnesota Chiropractic Association (MCA) recently elected a new leadership team for their upcoming term. Congratulations to Northwestern Health Sciences University former faculty Dr. Jodi Dorpinghaus, and current faculty Dr. Michelle Norton Fleming and Dr. Melissa MacDonald on their new positions with the MCA.  

The New President of the MCA 

Jodi Dorpinghaus, DC, CCSP, Registered Chiropractic Acupuncturist has served the MCA for many years in various roles. She is active in the sports council and legislative committee, as well as serving as the American Chiropractic Association’s (ACA) Minnesota delegate and as a member of the ACA Committee for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.  

She shares, “I am really excited for this year, and so pleased to say that we are in a great position in our organization, through the hard work of former president Dr. Dalbec and those who came before him. My goals this year are outreach, transparency and education, as well as to help facilitate and grow the wonderful community of chiropractors in Minnesota. We are stronger together and the MCA is here for you!”  

Dr. Dorpinghaus graduated from NWHSU in 2008 and practiced in Scotland before returning to the United States to eventually open her own practice, Evolution Chiropractic, P.A in 2012. She joined the faculty of NWHSU as an assistant professor, teaching Cervical and Thoracic adjusting technique until leaving last year to pursue entrepreneurial opportunities.  

The New Vice President of the MCA  

Michelle Norton Fleming, DC, CCSP, GFS is a member of the MCA and the ACA. She graduated from NWHSU in 2008 and practiced with Dr. Dorpinghaus in Scotland, before practicing in London and eventually making her way back to Minnesota. An avid sports enthusiast, she opened her own practice, Resolution Chiropractic in 2013 where she works with families and individuals of all ages and skill levels. In 2019, she joined the NWHSU faculty and is currently the Department Chair of the Academic Clinics, a faculty clinician, and works with students in many other capacities.  

“I am honored to be our state associations Vice President this year as the MCA maintains our focus on community, advocacy, and growth. As Dr. Dorpinghaus, Dr. Millsop (2nd VP and NWHSU alum) and I work together, we want to involve as many chiropractic doctors, professionals and students as possible. I love working in the sports and the active care side of chiropractic, but there are so many areas of our profession that I feel passionate about. I’m especially excited to be engaging our students. I know when I graduated I felt a bit lost and unsure where to go for advice. Without our great community of doctors, I might still feel lost!”  

The New Chair of Sports Council  

Melissa MacDonald, DC, ICSC, CCSP, NREMT, FAKTR and elected Sports Council Chair has been a member for nearly a decade. She graduated from NWHSU in 2015 and continued her training as a Human Performance Center fellow, focusing on research and clinical skills regarding specific testing and treatment protocols. Dr. Mac has also served as team clinician for the Minnesota Vixen, as well as recently for the World Championship of Rowing in Sarasota, Florida. She is the Chief Medical Officer for the River City Rhythms, a Drum Corp International Marching Band, and the team chiropractor for MN Roller Derby. She is the Integrative Sports Care Coordinator and an Assistant Professor at NWHSU, in addition to being the owner of Mobility Agility Chiropractic Performance PSC. 

Dr. Mac shares, “I’m excited to lead the Sports Council. As a member for the last 8 years, I have seen the council ebb and flow. The pandemic affected us greatly with event cancelations, some of which never returned to the Twin Cities. I’m excited to help the Council grow to bring new events, new members, and other opportunities over the next two years.”  

Interested in learning more about the MCA? Contact them at info@mnchiro.com or visit their website to learn about member resources and upcoming events.  

Story by Kit Harlow, Chiropractic Student