SACA: The place for chiropractic students to connect on campus

At NWHSU, there are many ways to get involved, including an engaged student senate and over 40 active clubs on campus. Chiropractic student Kit Harlow writes about their experience as treasurer of the Student American Chiropractic Association chapter at NWHSU (SACA).  

So what is SACA? It stands for the Student American Chiropractic Association, a national association that brings together students on their respective campuses. Our role is to connect our fellow students to resources that further their careers and the chiropractic profession.  

Why Join SACA? 

SACA: The place for chiropractic students to connect on campus (2)Students who join SACA are often looking to form community with chiropractors and future chiropractors, to inspire solidarity, disperse information, and to stay up to date on relevant research. SACA is open to any chiropractic students on campus and is led by a student board. This year’s board was led by Hannah Goltz, with Jake Schofield as VP, Melanie Nuthals as communications, Mikaela Lengwin as legislative representative, Sebastian Bergeron as secretary and myself, Kit Harlow, as treasurer. 

Sebastian shared, “I joined SACA so I could meet other like-minded and motivated student leaders from across the country. I find it interesting to be able to talk with them and learn about the differences in practicing chiropractic and to hear about other people’s experiences in the profession from around the world.”  

Events on and off campus 

 Highlights of our event’s this year included our Part 1 boards information meeting, a winter craft fair, an LGBTQ+ care presentation for pride and our popcorn legislative event, where students could write letters to congress between classes while enjoying popcorn!  

This past September the e-board traveled to Portland, Oregon for a SACA leadership conference where Hannah and Mikaela were awarded the Outstanding Service award for their contributions to the association.  The conference’s theme was “Come as You Are,” celebrating diversity in chiropractic and promoting authenticity.  

SACA: The place for chiropractic students to connect on campus (1)This winter, the NWHSU SACA chapter brought nine students to Engage 2023, a 4-day conference hosted by the ACA in Washington D.C. We lobbied on the hill for the new bill to expand chiropractic coverage under Medicare and improve patient access to services. We were awarded Chapter of the Year, and Hannah was elected as the new national SACA chair.  

“It’s an honor to be stepping into the roll of SACA national chair. As innovative, evidence-based chiropractic students, we are so much stronger together,” shared Hannah. “Every student not only has a seat at the SACA table, but more importantly, a voice at the table. I’m excited to embrace differences in thought and experiences to ultimately band together and continue to advance the profession.”  

Coming up: hosting a national event on campus 

This year’s leadership conference will be hosted here at NWHSU in October, co-hosted by Sebastian Bergeron and myself, Kit Harlow. Our theme is integrative health care and our goal is to feature other health care professions like massage and acupuncture, along with collaboration and team-oriented approaches to care.  

Lastly, we are looking forward to this year as a group, to continue to bring unique experiences and opportunities to students on campus and to promote leadership, service and community.  

Story by Kit Harlow, chiropractic student