Thompson Accepts AIHM Fellowship, Bloomington Award for Leadership

Northwestern Health Sciences University is proud to share that faculty member Stephen Thompson, DC, DACM, LAc, CNT, BCTMB has been recognized for his leadership and dedication to health and wellness.  

AIHM Fellowship and White House Scholarship  

Dr. Thompson has accepted a full scholarship and a place in the 14th cohort of integrative medicine fellows in the Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine (AIHM) program. The AIHM fellowship is an interprofessional learning program that offers fellows a comprehensive understanding of integrative medicine, while allowing them to immediately apply techniques in their personal practice.  

The AIHM is a world leader in integrative medicine education, with an evidence-based curriculum and expert faculty that work to broaden fellow’s practice paradigms with treatment options that center whole-person care.  

Dr. Thompson shared, “It was a great honor to be selected for the AIHM Fellowship and granted the full White House Scholarship. I have been following the Academy’s work for several years and applaud their efforts to usher in a new paradigm of healing and health creation, while acknowledging disparities in health care delivery to underserved and minority populations based on social and environmental determinants of health, access to providers and care, and cultural and generational traumas.” 

“This fellowship propels me along my social and medical justice journey to get more health care and health creation to our communities from the micro perspective to the macro perspective. My goal is to bring the lessons and strategies uncovered during the fellowship back to NWHSU to further our missions of integrative care and delivery.” 

City of Bloomington Pioneer and Changemaker  

Dr. Thompson also received the Bloomington Pioneers and Changemakers award, an award that features Black leaders with a connection to Bloomington, who have worked to advance civil rights and equity in the fields of education, government, housing, law, medicine, and more.  

Dr. Stephen comments, “It is always appreciated when being acknowledged for the work you do in a particular space. Receiving the Bloomington Pioneer and Changemaker award while making connections in the community space was a great way to forge new relationships and build upon existing ones. I applaud and thank the City of Bloomington for recognizing community members dedicated to the betterment of the city and the fight for diversity, equity and inclusion.”