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Timothy Stark, MPhil, DC, DACBSP, ICCSP, EMT, CSCS, FICC
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I have come full circle and am honored and delighted to be back at Northwestern! As past Dean of the College of Chiropractic (2013-2014) and the current Director of the Human Performance Center (2014-current), I am enthusiastic to continue the successes that Northwestern has had and to explore and implement innovative means of improving the curriculum, nurturing fellowship between students and faculty, and applying valuable insight from our prestigious alumni.  Recent awards include 2017 Academician of the Year awarded by the American Chiropractic Association. Also 2017 Sports Chiropractor of the Year award by the American Chiropractic Association Sports Council.



Jordan Knowlton-Key DC, EMT
952-888-4777 x149

I graduated from Northwestern Health Sciences University in December 2017 with an interest in sports medicine and chiropractic legislation.  I was involved in numerous sports and the corresponding injuries during high school and undergraduate, giving me a desire to help with the wide variety of injuries faced by athletes. I furthered my experience in the sports field providing sideline care for various sporting events as an EMT while at NWHSU.  I’m finishing my Masters of Exercise Science with an emphasis in concussion and whiplash injuries in April 2018.  I gained appreciation and a desire to represent chiropractic in the political atmosphere through my involvement in the Student American Chiropractic Association.  I hope to further the chiropractic profession through legislation and research in my primary field of interest: concussion diagnosis, management, and prognosis.


952-888-4777 x829

I come to the Human Performance Center with 12 years of athletic training experience, and have received my MS in Sports Psychology (Minnesota State University, Mankato 2010) and my Doctorate of Chiropractic from Northwestern Health Sciences University (2015). I am honored to be joining an amazing team in the Human Performance Center. My primary focus is the development of new educational material for both the CCSP and the ICCSP in combination with FICS. My research will center on the relationship between concussion and psychiatric disorders and the long term impact on the individual. This research will allow me to link together my work as a practitioner and my passion for Sport Psychology. This opportunity will help me grow both as an educator and a provider.


Noah Emanuel, DC
952-888-4777 x813

I graduated Northwestern Health Sciences University in April 2018 and am excited for the privilege to take the next step in my career with the Human Performance Center as a Fellow. During my time in undergrad I developed a deep passion for sports performance which continued through chiropractic school and triggered a new passion for sports nutrition. I look forward to spending my time as a fellow doing nutrition research, student mentor-ship and involvement, as well as, implementing all three avenues of interest (sports chiropractic, sports nutrition and sports performance) with the teams and patients in the integrative setting of the HPC.


Alex Sundin. DC
952.888.4777 x 432

I started my fellowship position in September 2018. I graduated from NWHSU in 2016, and then moved to Seattle, WA to begin practice as an associate. I worked at two different clinics while in the beautiful PNW, developing his clinical skills and gaining experience as a sports chiropractor. My passions include: sports performance, injury rehabilitation and sports psychology. I'm the attending clinician in the HPC team clinic on campus, team clinician for the Minnesota Vixen, I teach in the DeRusha Learning Clinic, and will also be conducting research in my time here at NWHSU.


Team Members

Team Members

Kate Moksnes Bowman. HPC Team Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner

As a 2011 graduate of the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine, I am proud to lead the Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture division of the Human Performance Center team. I have a specialty in sports medicine and have a passion to help athletes recover, thrive, and achieve whole body health to help them to peak performance in their sport.


Team Members

Eileen Hernandez

I look forward to working at the Human Performance Center with so many gifted and fun people. Developing relationships with the athletes, staff, interns and other practitioners is key to a successful operation and this facility definitely has that. I graduated from The School of Massage Therapy here at Northwestern in 2013 and have a deep passion for working with a variety of people. Athletes amaze me more than any other body type because of the constant demands they place on their bodies. I look forward to bringing a heightened awareness to potential patterns of tension held in the body with massage therapy and education. 


 Team Members

Kaila Witthun, Work Study Office Assistant

I am a Chiropractic student here at Northwestern Health Sciences University. Sports and performance were a huge part of my life growing up and I'm excited to have the opportunity to continue learning from the doctors in the Human Performance Center. Working in the integrative clinic of the Human Performance Center as the student administrative assistant. I have been fortunate to see the importance of integrative care. With the help of the HPC started an integrative sports club on campus called the Student Federation of International Care-Sports (SFICS). Soon enough I hope to be a chiropractic intern with the HPC to further my knowledge of athlete treatment.




Melissa MacDonald, DC, EMT, CCSP, ICCSP
952-888-4777 x432

As an October 2015 graduate of Northwestern Health Sciences University, I am excited to be a part of the Human Performance Center. I look forward to focusing my research on the female athlete and developing specific testing and treatment protocols to combat the higher injury rate of women in sports. I appreciate the opportunity to work with a complex case load both in the clinic and on the sidelines.


HPC Team Clinic Interns

HPC Team Click Interns

Noah Emanuel (DCP), Samuel Kivi (TCM), Zackery Stach (DCP), Amber Avery (DCP), Lauren Peabody (TCM), Rachel Kristyniak (TCM), Jackson Detrick (DCP).


HPC Team Clinic Interns

Eddie Lockhart (DCP), Neil Sheehy (Massage), Karlee Simkowski (DCP), Len Sheehy (Massage), Jordan Knowlton-Key (DCP), Cameron Voight (DCP), Justine Schreifels (Massage)


DCP = Doctor of Chiropractic Program. TCM = Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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