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Contact our admissions staff for help with your application, to schedule a one-on-one tour or to answer your questions.

Main office

Room 141, enter door #1
Toll-free: 1-855-885-5409
Fax: 952-888-6713

Admissions representatives

Andre Conner‌‌Andre Conner

admissions representative
952-888-4777 ext. 208




James McCloden‌James McCloden

admissions representative
952-888-4777 ext. 407

Rebecca Leonard‌Rebecca Leonard

admissions representative
952-888-4777 ext. 248




Steve Nordstrom‌Steve Nordstrom

senior admissions representative
952-888-4777 ext. 209


Admissions staff

Jessica HermanJessica Herman

assistant director

952-888-4777 ext. 206




Christine HickeyChristine Hickey

admissions assistant

952-888-4777 ext. 409

Kathy HinksKathy Hinks

admissions operations associate

952-888-4777 ext. 204



Abby TusingAbby Tusing

admissions operations coordinator

952-888-4777 ext. 303

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