Speakers - 2016 Oncology Massage Healing Summit

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Keynote Speakers

Rhiannon Lewis, FIFPA

Rhiannon Lewis is an experienced aromatherapist, educator, author and director of Essential Oil Resource Consultants based in France and teaches classes in aromatherapy throughout the world. She is the editor of the International Journal of Clinical Aromatherapy, an evidence based journal of research articles on essential oils. She is a fellow of the International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists (UK) and business member of the Alliance of International Aromatherapists (USA).

Lewis has a particular passion for making a difference in cancer care and palliative care. To this end, for the past 10 years she has been training aromatherapists in the necessary clinical skills to enable them to improve their aromatherapy practice in hospitals, cancer centers and hospices in different countries. Her classes are up-to-date, evidence-based and practically-oriented and based on her many years of experience. She resides in a small village near Grasse, France.

Jack Blackburn, LMP, RC, MTS-SD

Jack Blackburn is a Seattle-based massage therapist, certified Trager practitioner, Reiki Master, spiritual counselor and continuing education workshop leader. All of his work is grounded in the notion of “presencing”. He divides his time between the Trillium Institute Japan and the Trillium Institute USA in Seattle, WA.

Featured Speakers

Listed in alphabetical order.

Laura Allen, BS, LMBT

Bio forthcoming.


Tina Allen is the founder of the leading children’s health and nurturing touch organization, Liddle Kidz™ Foundation. She is an international educator, author and expert in the field of infant and pediatric massage therapy, especially for children with special healthcare needs.

Raj Anderson, BS, LMT, LME, BCTMB

Bio forthcoming.

Karen Armstrong, LMT, NCTM

Bio forthcoming.

Martha Brown Menard, PhD, LMT

Bio forthcoming.

Katie Butler, BA, COMT, DipRM, CLT, TAE

Bio forthcoming.

Amie Camie

Bio forthcoming.

Diana Dapkins, CMT

Bio forthcoming.

Gillian Desreaux, DipRM, CLT, TAE

Bio forthcoming.

Johnette du Rand, CMT, BCTMB, S4OM

Johnnette du Rand was raised on the east coast of South Africa and moved to Orange County, California, in 1999. While working in the pharmaceutical industry, she began her career in massage and bodywork volunteering comfort-oriented touch for hospice. In 2003, she founded Greet The Day™, a non-profit organization providing bodywork for people affected by cancer.

She works with nine Orange County cancer centers, including University of California Irvine, and was a finalist for the Outstanding Founder, 2006 Orange County Spirit of Philanthropy Award. In 2008, du Rand received the Humanitarian Award from the Women’s Cancer Research Foundation.

Lucille Eddy

Bio forthcoming.

Jamie Elswick, LMT

Jamie Elswick is the owner of Northern Raven Therapeutics in Anchorage, AK. She teaches structural body work based on restoring health to the mechanics of the musculoskeletal system, scar tissue mobilization, lymphatic drainage and visceral manipulation. She is an instructor at the University of Alaska, Anchorage (UAA) and is a graduate student working on fascial research.

Deborah Hart, COMT, DipBT, DipCN, DipRM, TAE

Bio forthcoming.

Catherine Horst, PT, CertMDT, STAR/C

Bio forthcoming.

Ryan Hoyme, BCTMB

Bio forthcoming.

Marina Maduro, PT, DPT, WCC, CLT-LANA, MLD/CDT Instructor

Bio forthcoming.

Lauren Muser Cates, CMT, S4OM

Lauren Muster-Cates is a Virginia-based graduate of the Potomac Massage Training Institute and the Metta Institute’s End of Life Care Practitioner Program. She has had unique opportunities to train with national leaders in the field of oncology massage and end of life care and has built an intensive clinical massage therapy program at Virginia Hospital Center in Arlington, VA. She is a certified massage therapist, Reiki practitioner and volunteer massage therapist with Capital Caring hospice.

Cates co-founded a non-profit organization which provides clinical education for massage therapists participates in massage therapy research and provides service to people (pediatric and adult) living with acute, chronic and terminal illness. In addition to continuing education courses for massage therapists and social workers, Cates is one of a teaching triad completed by two seasoned hospice nurses who offer workshops to educate and support caregivers of all kinds.

Nanci Newton, LMT

Bio forthcoming.

Brianne Pinkson, LPN, LMT

Bio forthcoming.

Med Robsahm, MEd, LMP, BCTMB

Bio forthcoming.

Maggi Scott

Bio forthcoming.

Erika R. Slocum, LMT

Bio forthcoming.

Sat-Siri Sumler, LMT, NCTMB, RYT

Bio forthcoming.

Kim Swineheart, DC

Dr. Kim Swineheart, a professor at Northwestern Health Sciences University, combines 15 years of practical experience as a doctor of chiropractic with 17 years of teaching anatomy to bring the musculoskeletal system to life. She believes that hands-on and eyes-on exploration and observation of the movement and connections beneath the skin lead to a deeper understanding of both healthy and challenged bodies.

Dr. Swineheart has taught massage therapists for more than 16 years and brings a broad range of intuitive and practical knowledge, offering specific problem-solving insights for particular patients as well as general anatomical principles in treatment. Read more about Dr. Kim Swineheart.

Carolyn Tague, MA, CMT

Bio forthcoming.

Tracy Walton, MS, NCTMB

Tracy Walton is a researcher, writer, award-winning educator and specialist in massage therapy and cancer care. A dynamic voice for the power of touch, she is the author of the pathology textbook, Medical Conditions and Massage Therapy: A Decision Tree Approach.

Walton appears in the DVD production Touch, Caring and Cancer, an inspiring massage home instruction program for care partners. Her research partners include the Osher Institute at Harvard Medical School, Collinge & Associates, and H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center. Learn more about Tracy Walton.

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