Speakers - 2013 Oncology Massage Healing Summit

Keynote Speaker

Frank Ostaseski

In 1987, Frank Ostaseski co-founded the Zen Hospice Project, the first Buddhist hospice in America. In 2004, he created the Metta Institute® to provide broad-based education on mindful and compassionate end-of-life care. His groundbreaking work has been widely featured in the media, including the Bill Moyers television series, On Our Own Terms, The Oprah Winfrey Show, and numerous print publications. In 2001, he was honored by H.H. Dalai Lama for his years of compassionate service to the dying and their families.

Ostaseski is a dynamic and visionary Buddhist teacher and a consultant to several healthcare organizations. His public programs, writings and recordings have introduced thousands to the practices of contemplative care. He teaches internationally and is a frequent keynote speaker for hundreds of healthcare organizations such as Harvard Medical School, Mayo Clinic, and the National Hospice & Palliative Care Association - and for spiritually based organizations including the Spirit Rock Meditation Center, Upaya Zen Center, and the Esalen Institute. For more information, visit www.mettainstitute.org.

Featured Speakers

Listed in alphabetical order.

Isabel Adkins, BA, CMT, CMLDT

Isabel Adkins developed and is the primary instructor for the 300-hour certification program in Oncology Massage - Blending East with West™ at the Massage Therapy Institute in Davis, CA. Her work includes integrating comfort-based massage with Eastern bodywork modalities to strengthen the body during cancer treatment, disease and its trauma.

Adkins directed and supervised the Oncology Massage Program at Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital and has been a keynote speaker at the UC Davis Cancer Center forums on complementary medicine. Isabel contributed a chapter to Gayle MacDonald’s book, Medicine Hands: Massage Therapy for People with Cancer, 2nd edition on the topic of using a Chinese medicine approach to oncology massage.

Susan Chapelle, RMT

Susan Chapelle has been a practicing therapist for more than 18 years. Chappelle’s passion lies in working hard to resolve problems. She has spent many years treating post-surgical complications and working with cancer patients.

Chappelle comes from Toronto where she graduated from Sutherland Chan College. She worked in the entertainment industry backstage for 15 years before deciding to become a massage therapist. This led her to treating people in the industry and opening a clinic that specialized in the quick assessment and treatment of performing artists. She has worked with the National Opera Company, the National Ballet and the Toronto Symphony. She has also spent time as an educator for therapists teaching at colleges for massage in London, England, Toronto, and Vancouver.

She has been working with palliative care patients for more than 5 years and recently embarked on a research study to deepen the understanding of how massage therapy affects post-surgical complications in breast cancer patients. Susan’s protocol for treating post-surgical scarring is receiving international accolades - she has published to international journals with evidence that massage does indeed work in measurable and scientific ways.

Chapelle received the “British Columbia’s RMT of the Year” award from the Massage Therapists Association. This is an award given
out to a therapist who has significantly contributed to the profession.

Lisa Faski, LMT

Bio forthcoming.

Maureen Fox, RGN, RCRT

Bio forthcoming.

Christine Lambrechts, BA, RMT, OMT, CLT

Christine Lambrechts was born and raised in South Africa where she worked for two decades in the field of environmental conservation and tourism, before following her heart to Australia in 2004. She used the move to make a complete career change and now lives in Tasmania where she practices as a remedial massage therapist with a focus on supporting clients living with chronic and life-limiting illnesses, including clients during treatment and at all stages of cancer and lymphedema. Working in hospitals, hospice, aged care facilities and at clients homes, she also runs a weekly community massage clinic for women at the Hobart Women’s Health Centre.

A hospice volunteer since her student days, palliative and end-of-life work remains a passion for Lambrechts. She conducts volunteer training and serving on the management committee of the local hospice association. Lambrechts also does training at the local health college, teaching a module on adapting massage for clients with chronic illness. A particular aim that has emerged from her work and personal experience is the provision of supportive massage available to those who cannot afford it and need it most.

Lambrechts brings in-depth experience to her practice having had two diagnoses of cancer since 2010. This has temporarily delayed her planned return to South Africa, where she plans on establishing oncology and palliative massage and indulging her grandchildren.

Rhiannon (Harris) Lewis, FIFPA

Rhiannon Lewis is an experienced aromatherapist, educator, author and director of Essential Oil Resource Consultants based in France. She is also editor of the International Journal of Clinical Aromatherapy, the only peer reviewed journal in clinical aromatherapeutics. She is a fellow of the International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists (UK) and business member of the Alliance of International Aromatherapists (USA).

Lewis has a particular passion for making a difference in cancer care and palliative care. To this end, for the past 10 years she has been training aromatherapists in the necessary clinical skills to enable them to improve their aromatherapy practice in hospitals, cancer centers and hospices in different countries. Her classes are up-to-date, evidence-based and practically-oriented and based on her many years of experience. In addition, she hosts residential programs of intensive study during the summer months in the mountains of Provence where she has lived for nearly 15 years.

Gayle MacDonald, MS, LMT

Gayle MacDonald is the author of Medicine Hands: Massage Therapy for People with Cancer and Massage for the Hospital Patient and Medically Frail Client. Her expertise comes from more than 10 years of work with oncology patients at Oregon Health and Science University. She has also supervised massage students and therapists on the oncology unit, in chemo infusion, radiation oncology and the bone marrow transplant unit.

Martha Menard, PhD, CMT

Martha Brown Menard is a veteran massage therapist, healthcare research scientist, and educator. She is the author of Making Sense of Research, now in its second edition.

A former vice president for operations and trustee at the Massage Therapy Foundation, she is currently the principal of Menard Consulting in Charlottesville, VA - an applied research firm providing research design, program evaluation and data analytic services to massage schools and universities such as the University of Virginia and Georgetown University Medical Center, nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and individuals.

Menard has written successful grant proposals for both research and community service projects that have been funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the Massage Therapy Foundation and Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

Wendy Miner, BA, LMT

Bio forthcoming.

Lauren Muser Cates, CMT/LMT, NCTMB

Bio forthcoming.

Steve Norton, CDT Certified Instructor, CLT-LANA

Bio forthcoming.

Eleanor Oyston, CT (ASC), DipRM, Bowen Therapist, ATMS, BTFA, AAMT, AIMA

Eleanor Oyston is a cytotechnologist, massage Therapist and Bowen practitioner who has had a distinguished career in pathology and medical research. For 10 years, she was the technical manager of a developmental neuroscience research laboratory at the John Curtin School of Medical Research at the Australian National University in Canberra. For the past 9 years, she has worked with Petrea King at Quest for Life Centre facilitating residential programs for people with cancer and other life changing illnesses. She
brings a unique understanding to tactile therapies.  

She runs a clinic from her home at Burra Creek in New South Wales, Australia, specializing in neurodegenerative disease and cancer. She is actively involved in developing an understanding of tactile therapies for people with systemic health challenges and served on the committee for assessing complementary therapies of the New South Wales Cancer Institute.

Oyston developed and teaches her own course, Oncology Massage Training - Dispelling the Myths, and publishes her opinions and knowledge regularly in professional magazines. In 2009, Sydney Adventist Hospital hosted Oyston’s Oncology Massage Training program and employed a salaried massage and Bowen therapist - a national first for Australia. Her training program is currently being assessed for use in public hospitals.

Meg Robsahm, MEd, LMP, NCBTMB

Meg Robsahm has been practicing therapeutic massage since 2001 with a focus in chronic pain, stress relief and comfort care. Dedicated to integrating complementary approaches with traditional treatments, her intent is to provide restorative, healing massage at any stage of the journey. Her practice, Compassionate Therapies, LLC is located in Everett, WA within the Providence Regional Cancer Partnership. She is a 2007 graduate of the Peregrine Institute of Oncology Massage Training.

As an educator for 30 years, Robsahm welcomes any opportunity to speak about oncology massage and/or palliative care issues. She also teaches Bodywork in End of Life Care: Being Present Without an Agenda. She is past president of the Society for Oncology Massage, an organization grounded in a philosophy of compassion and service.

Kim Swineheart, DC

Dr. Kim Swineheart, a professor at Northwestern Health Sciences University, combines 13 years practical experience as a doctor of chiropractic with 15 years of teaching anatomy to bring the musculoskeletal system to life. She believes than hands-on and eyes-on exploration and observation of the movement and connections beneath the skin lead to a deeper understanding of both healthy and challenged bodies.

Dr. Swineheart has taught massage therapists for more than14 years and brings a broad range of intuitive and practical knowledge, offering specific problem-solving insights for particular patients as well as general anatomical principles in treatment.

Tracy Walton, MS, LMT, NCTMB

Tracy Walton is a researcher, writer, award-winning educator and specialist in massage therapy and cancer care. A dynamic voice for the power of touch, she is the author of the pathology textbook, Medical Conditions and Massage Therapy: A Decision Tree Approach.

Walton appears in the DVD production Touch, Caring and Cancer, an inspiring massage home instruction program for care partners. Her research partners include the Osher Institute at Harvard Medical School, Collinge & Associates, and H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center. Learn more about Tracy Walton.

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