Natural Solutions for Your Ear Infections

Ear infections can seriously affect the wellbeing of children, and even adults. The antibiotics generally prescribed are not effective, come with their own side effects, or both. 

Natural care—including acupuncture and Chinese medicine, chiropractic, naturopathic medicine, and massage—can help give you or your child relief from the pain of ear infections, and treat the root cause to keep them from coming back. 

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

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Building a Treatment Plan that Works for You 

Our providers see healthcare from an integrative perspective. When you come to Bloomington Clinic, your treatment will be centered around you, not just a symptom. There isn’t one way to heal—we treat the whole person, body and mind. Together, we create a complementary and integrative health plan, often using multiple healing practices and disciplines.

Providers at Bloomington Clinic can work with your western care plan, or create a fully natural plan. They often hear that their treatments either eliminate the need for pharmaceuticals, or result in patients needing fewer or smaller doses to manage their pain. 

Ready to create a holistic, effective plan for treating your ear infections? Call today to schedule an appointment.