NWHSU Network Program

What is the NWHSU Network Program?

This reimagined mentorship program, created in conjunction with Career Services and Alumni Relations, is an opportunity for our students/recent alumni (mentees) and alumni that are 3+ years following graduation (mentors) to network with each other. In order to foster connection in this program, our team has created 4 modules to help guide conversation and introduction to important mentorship topics and to assist in expectation setting for both mentors and mentees. All program information, FAQs, applications, and suggested materials can be found on the NWHSU Network Program Sway.

Who can participate?

Mentees: Any student in the last term of their program can be a mentee. All alumni can, also, decide to be a mentee, and we foresee them typically being recent alumni (0-3 years after graduation).

Mentors: Any alum that has worked 3+ years in their respective field can apply to be a mentor.

How does it work?

1. Access the Program Sway
2. Apply

Mentor Application

Mentee Application

3. Get Matched
4. Network!
Application Deadline: TBD

For more information about the program, contact Christine Butorac (cbutorac@nwhealth.edu) or Katy Hargis (khargis@nwhealth.edu) or visit the NWHSU Network Program Sway