Blending the Science and Art of Health Care

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chemistry flask with students in background

At Northwestern you’ll learn the balance between:

  • An evidence-informed understanding of the body in health and disease
  • The human side of caring for a patient

This blending of science and art will help you provide patient-centered, quality care in your practice. You’ll learn how to cultivate a relationship with the patient that serves as a unique element in the healing process. You’ll also develop the critical thinking skills necessary to make informed decisions about patient care.

These critical thinking skills combined with a strong science foundation and an understanding of the whole patient will help you mature into a well-rounded practitioner.

Develop your confidence and competence with:

  • A strong basic science foundation
  • Clinical science courses combined with labs to develop diagnostic and treatment skills
  • Experienced faculty who mentor you throughout the curriculum
  • The ability to work closely with patients in real-world clinical settings
  • Community-based clinical internships in private clinics, hospitals and social service agencies
  • Clinical experiences where you learn alongside health professionals from different disciplines
  • The foundations of evidence-informed practice
  • Education in the business aspects of clinical practice

A Northwestern education prepares you to be a natural healthcare provider who is knowledgeable, skilled and patient-centered.

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