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What are the Benefits of Regular Massage Therapy?

Many people think of massage as a luxury spa-like experience, but the truth is that there are many health benefits of regular massage therapy.   Massage therapy is healthcare, and more and more, that is what it’s being utilized for…. Read More ›

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5 Reasons to Take Kids to a Chiropractor

Maybe you benefit from adjustments, but do you take your kids to the chiropractor? If you associate chiropractors with low back pain and migraines, it might sound funny to picture a kid getting an adjustment. However, chiropractors can be an… Read More ›

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What to Eat Before and After Working Out

An Athlete’s Guide to Nutrition Whether you’re a runner powerlifter, or team sport athlete, you need to properly fuel your body to perform and recover well. We talked with Paige Prestigiacomo, former Sports Nutrition Resident in the Human Performance Center… Read More ›

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Modalities beyond acupuncture in Chinese Medicine

Acupuncture Treatment: Needles and More Curious about acupuncture, but worried about the needles? We talked to Meghan Mabe, DCM, LAc about why practitioners of East Asian medicine use needles, and other modalities that can be part of an acupuncture treatment. When you… Read More ›

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Acupuncture, Period Pain, and PMS

Every month, many people who menstruate expect painful cramping, breakouts, headaches, and other symptoms before or during their periods. It’s common to reach for heating pads or over-the-counter painkillers to get through. But are there other ways to manage symptoms,… Read More ›

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Recover Faster with Active Care and Physiotherapy

Recover Faster with Active Care and Physiotherapy When it comes to chiropractic care, many only think of the adjustment. While that is a key component, there is much more to it. Chiropractors focus on whole-body wellness and often incorporate muscle… Read More ›

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Student Acupuncture Packages at Bloomington Clinic

Bloomington Clinic offers two options for acupuncture and Chinese medicine treatments: `Private providers who are in network with most insurance companies Student interns overseen by licensed practitioners, with a $40 appointment cost Now, we’re excited to offer student acupuncture treatment… Read More ›

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Dieting During the Holidays Shouldn’t Make You Miserable

Dieting During the Holidays If you’re thinking about restrictive dieting during the holidays, registered dietitian Paige Prestigiacomo has another idea for you. Read how “everything in moderation” should be your motto this holiday season. As the holiday season arrives, many… Read More ›

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Tips for Fighting Fatigue in the Dark Days of Winter

Winters in Minnesota are dark and cold, and many of us are looking for tips to fight fatigue, enhance our moods, and stay active. We asked Amrit Devgun, Naturopathic Doctor in the Bloomington Clinic at NWHSU, for some tips. Fatigue is… Read More ›