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What are the Benefits of Regular Massage Therapy?

Many people think of massage as a luxury spa-like experience, but the truth is that there are many health benefits of regular massage therapy.   Massage therapy is healthcare, and more and more, that is what it’s being utilized for…. Read More ›

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NWHSU Announces New Community Clinic Partnerships

NWHSU has a large clinic system dedicated to patient care. In addition to on-campus clinics, we have community clinics throughout the metro. Students provide free care to a diverse patient population under clinical faculty supervision. We added two new community… Read More ›

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Rehab for Soft Tissue Injuries: How a Chiropractor Could Help

So, you tore your ACL. Or maybe you strained your hamstring or sprained your ankle. You’ve done the RICE method—rest, ice, compress, elevate—and maybe you’ve had imaging (or even surgery) done. Now, you just want to get better as fast… Read More ›

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5 Reasons to Take Kids to a Chiropractor

Maybe you benefit from adjustments, but do you take your kids to the chiropractor? If you associate chiropractors with low back pain and migraines, it might sound funny to picture a kid getting an adjustment. However, chiropractors can be an… Read More ›

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Dr. Cree Foster: HPC’s Newest Sports Resident

Dr. Cree Foster is the Human Performance Center’s newest Sports Resident. She joins current resident Dr. Shiloh Heesch and is replacing outgoing resident Dr. Jaime Ayuso.   Dr. Foster is an alumnus of NWHSU, returning to complete a two-year residency… Read More ›

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What to Eat Before and After Working Out

An Athlete’s Guide to Nutrition Whether you’re a runner powerlifter, or team sport athlete, you need to properly fuel your body to perform and recover well. We talked with Paige Prestigiacomo, former Sports Nutrition Resident in the Human Performance Center… Read More ›

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Modalities beyond acupuncture in Chinese Medicine

Acupuncture Treatment: Needles and More Curious about acupuncture, but worried about the needles? We talked to Meghan Mabe, DCM, LAc about why practitioners of East Asian medicine use needles, and other modalities that can be part of an acupuncture treatment. When you… Read More ›

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Training for a Marathon? You Should be Lifting

Training for a Marathon? So, you’ve decided to run a marathon. Your first thought is probably “wow, I’m about to cover a lot of miles.” While a long, strong running plan is necessary when preparing for a marathon, it’s not… Read More ›

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Why You Should Try a new Sport in Your 50s…or 70s

Why You Should Try a new Sport as an adult Why try new sports as an adult? If you’ve noticed your body getting weaker or less flexible as you age, you’re not alone. The signs of aging may be common,… Read More ›

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Acupuncture, Period Pain, and PMS

Every month, many people who menstruate expect painful cramping, breakouts, headaches, and other symptoms before or during their periods. It’s common to reach for heating pads or over-the-counter painkillers to get through. But are there other ways to manage symptoms,… Read More ›