Revised Mission and Vision Statements Reflect a New Direction for University

Kate Martin | October 16, 2012

Key focus is preparing students to be vital contributors in the new health care environment

The renewal of the University’s strategic plan has been a top priority for the Board of Trustees and senior leadership. This has required considerable effort from faculty, staff and students to provide input, address challenges, and ignite new ideas. The Board of Trustees enthusiastically announces the new University Mission and Vision Statement.  


Northwestern Health Sciences University prepares and serves the next generation of professionals and leaders to become vital contributors to the delivery and advancement of health care. Our mission is accomplished through educational excellence, innovative research, evidence-informed patient-centered care, public health advocacy, and collaborative community engagement.


Our graduates will be vital contributors to the delivery and advancement of health care. This is realized through a rigorous and outstanding educational and student life experience emphasizing critical thinking, lifelong learning, and leadership development.

Specifically, we will:

  • Transform our students into health care professionals who will demonstrate excellence in patient care, focused on the restoration and preservation of health, prevention of disease, and improvement in the quality of life.
  • Conduct high quality research that significantly impacts health care.
  • Offer comprehensive and diverse clinical experiences and services that model excellence in health care in preparing students for evidence-informed, interdisciplinary, and patient-centered practices.
  • Provide leadership and advocacy for the scientific foundation and social advancement of our health care professions.
  • Engage in meaningful relationships with social service agencies, educational institutions, health systems, and corporate and other community partners that ensure a robust educational experience and advance our national visibility and reputation.

These statements are the cornerstone of why this University exists and where we are headed into the future. “This significant step to advance the University's strategic plan happened as a result of energy, thoughtfulness, and contributions of Northwestern’s faculty, staff and students,” stated the University Board of Trustee’s Chairperson Dr. Kent Erickson. “Their comments were taken seriously by the Board and leadership and the drive to move into a renewed journey will require their ongoing engagement.”

Considerable feedback from the campus community was gathered over several months, and that information continues to be reviewed and referenced while confirming the University’s goals, strategic objectives, and priority actions. “This plan will not be put on the shelf but will be a tool for engaging conversations, setting priorities, monitoring performance, and being accountable,” says Board of Trustee member Dr. David Taylor. "Anything less than a total effort will compromise our goal to be a pace-setter in the healthcare community."

Under the leadership of Dr. Christina Frazier, an emphasis to continue to engage and inform the campus community is critical as the environment shifts toward enhanced planning practices and accountability requirements.

Looking ahead, an annual performance report, forthcoming in the next month, will be used as a tool to provide for a single, concise reference and record of the University’s performance in relation to the strategic plan. This involves input from academic and administrative leaders across the campus, and their partnership in this effort is critical for an effective monitoring report. Not only is the University identifying ways to showcase its performance going forward but it is also deeply and broadly engaging its faculty, staff, and students in the advancement of the University. Dr. Frazier states, “We renewed our University’s Mission and Vision statements, and now we need to strategically align departmental plans, operationally manage, and monitor our performance.”   


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