Norton Fleming, Marsh Co-Author Article in Nutrients

Michelle Norton Fleming, DC, Academic Clinics Department Chair, Faculty Clinician and Carissa Marsh, Clinic Operations Administrator recently co-published an article in Nutrients.  

Nutrients is a peer-reviewed, open access journal of human nutrition that is published online semimonthly by MDPI.  

The study, Guided Metabolic Detoxification Program Supports Phase II Detoxification Enzymes and Antioxidant Balance in Healthy Participants, was in collaboration with colleagues from Standard Process, the Plants for Human Health Institute, the Department of Food, the De Rusha Learning Clinic, and Nutrition Sciences at North Carolina State University. 

Dr. Norton Fleming explained the project. “Carissa and I were able to work with Standard Process with a nutritional study on the effects of a detoxification program. Standard Process developed these products and wants to determine the effects they have on a person’s health markers compared with those who haven’t used them but have changed their diet to a healthier one.”  

The study reported successfully developing a whole food, multi-ingredient nutritional intervention in the form of an oral supplement and demonstrated that four weeks of administration improves total plasma activity and oxidative stress in PBMCs in healthy participants. The work also featured the supplements capability of supporting the body’s endogenous detoxification pathways. 

“It was an interesting study to see how the blood and urine markers changed from day one of the study to the end,” said Dr. Norton Fleming. “In the future, it would be great to see how the effects of the changes the person experiences continued for the month, or six months, after the study. Overall, it was a fun study that pulled students and employees together to help strengthen their knowledge base and the research partnerships of the university.” 

Carissa March shared, “It was wonderful collaborating with Standard Process as well as the team of De Rusha Clinicians and staff, the Bloomington Lab Coordinator as well as the students and employees who participated.  Everyone played an important role in the success of the study.”  

Story by Kit Harlow, Chiropractic Student