Northwestern's Sweere discusses 'tech neck' on radio program

Rob Karwath | August 05, 2016

What is "tech neck" and how can we avoid the pain that comes with it? Northwestern's Joseph Sweere discussed this modern malady on Twin Cities Wellness Radio.

What is “tech neck,” and how can we avoid the pain that comes with it?

The term refers to neck and other problems that people who spend lots of time on their electronic devices experience because of strain caused by poor posture and overuse of some parts of their bodies. Tech neck comes from too much time hunching over and staying in the same or unhealthy positions while reading or typing on computers, tablets, smartphones and other devices.

Northwestern Health Sciences University’s Joseph Sweere, a chiropractor and the founder of the H.C. Sweere Center for Clinical Biomechanics and Applied Ergonomics at Northwestern, discussed tech neck and ways to avoid it at on KDIZ-AM (1570), Twin Cities Wellness Radio.

You can listen to the conversation on a podcast recording available through the Twin Cities Wellness Radio listener page.

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