Northwestern Research Study Gets National News Attention

Kate Martin | January 05, 2012

The findings of a research study on neck pain conducted at Northwestern made the national news this week.

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The study showed that spinal manipulation and exercise are more effective at relieving neck pain in the long term than medications.

The study results were published in the January 2012 issue of the Annals of Internal Medicine, prompting the Wall Street Journal to interview Gert Bronfort, DC, PhD, Vice President of Research at Northwestern.

In addition to the Wall Street Journal, the story has appeared in Newsweek, U.S. News, Newsday, MSN Health, and other major news outlets. Dr. Bronfort is also scheduled to be interviewed by Men’s Health magazine and Men’s Journal.

"The media coverage on the study is very gratifying,” says Roni Evans, DC, dean of research. “The journal is one of the highest ranking and most respected medical journals in the world, so just getting published there was very rewarding. The timeframe was more than 10 years to go from funding to publication. It's a real acknowledgment of the quality of our research team's work."

"Because of the wide coverage, and the fact that there has been so little research on this topic to date, the results of this study are likely to have a major impact on how acute neck pain is treated. With headlines like "Chiropractic and Exercise are Better Than Drugs", there is no doubt that such coverage is good for the chiropractic profession. Media coverage like this really puts Northwestern and the Wolfe-Harris Center for Clinical Studies on the map. It's good for our institution, our students, and the chiropractic profession."

Read the journal article abstract, "Spinal Manipulation, Medication, or Home Exercise with Advice for Acute and Subacute Neck Pain, A Randomized Trial." 

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