Clinic Transformation Progresses with April “Go Live” Date for Centricity System

Kate Martin | January 24, 2013

The practice management system is set to go live April 16.

Progress on the clinic transformation project is moving forward on schedule as technology upgrades are implemented. A projected date to go live with the Centricity practice management system is set for April 16.

The Centricity system will bring significant advancements as a tool to manage appointments, registration, billing and accounts receivable. The upgrade includes an interface between Centricity and the BackChart electronic health record, for sharing information on patient demographics, appointments and charges. The system is installed and implementation is in process.

BackChart is currently ‘live’ for clinician encounter notes. Project teams are getting first-hand feedback from users on issues and requests for enhancements to make the program work effectively for our clinics. They are tracking issues and prioritizing for resolution. For example, changes are needed for the Acupuncture practice, particularly for writing herbal formulas and prescriptions.

Starting this month, teams within each discipline began meeting to define processes and work flow specific to that practice. Initial Moodle navigation and basic documentation training is concluding as more detailed one-to-one training continues.

The Clinical Transformation team welcomes and encourages feedback throughout the process. Send your comments to

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