Institutional Data Collection

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Data collection
A systematic gathering of information. May or may not meet the definition of “research.”

Human subject
A living individual about whom a person obtains either:

  • Date through investigation or interaction with the individual, OR
  • Identifiable private information

A systematic gathering of information designed to develop or contribute to generalizable knowledge (i.e., will be accessible or presented outside the University or will be published).

Data collection is one of the tools Northwestern Health Sciences University’s administration, faculty, staff, and committees use to provide data and information to its constituents and stakeholders. Accurate, current, and relevant data enhances decision-making processes, strengthens the University’s ability to fulfill its mission and goals, and provides important documentation for accrediting bodies and other agencies.

Northwestern is committed to valuing and protecting its human resources and recognizes the need to ensure that participants involved in all data collection activities are treated with respect.

Data Collection

For purposes other than research

All data collection intended for purposes other than “research” (see definitions) require the completion of the Institutional Data Collection Application (see below) which requires the signature of a Department Head, Dean, or Vice-President.

Intended for generalizable purposes

All data collection intended for generalizable purposes (i.e., will be accessible, published, or presented outside the University), is subject to the policies and procedures of Northwestern's Institutional Review Board. definitions

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