NWHSU Student Clubs and Organizations

Active Minds

Our mission is to open up the conversation about mental health and destigmatize seeking mental health assistance.

Student leaders: Stephen Engelhardt, Elizabeth Harrington
Faculty advisors: Becky Lawyer

Acupuncture Club

The Acupuncture Club provides a place for students to learn more about the practice of acupuncture beyond what is taught in class and learn what already Licensed Acupuncturists are doing in their practices. It dives into interesting aspects of acupuncture theory and resources, and highlights areas that acupuncture can treat and specialties that acupuncturists can focus their practice on. It will also provide an opportunity for students of other programs to learn more about the field of acupuncture and the types of maladies it helps with.

Student leaders: Stephen Engelhardt, Thao Tran
Faculty advisor: Sheryl Cota

American Medical Student Association (AMSA)

The pre-medical chapter of AMSA at Northwestern Health Sciences University is committed to preparing our members to become more knowledgeable and well-rounded medical school applicants. Our goal is to provide students with the skills and resources they need to successfully navigate being a pre-health student. We help to shape our members into leaders by focusing on community partnerships, networking, and making a positive impact on their community.

Student leaders: Jose Madrigal Zuniga, Cameron Kurisko, Rachel Bane, Schania Tate
Faculty advisors: Dr. Lisa Oppegard

Anatomy in Motion

Anatomy in Motion (AIM) is a mind/body movement club that is open to all students. It is geared toward actively engaging with relevant anatomy and physiology teachings through forms of martial arts, tai chi, etc.

Student leaders: Dan Brown
Faculty advisors: Dr. Joseph Muldoon

Animal Chiropractic Club

To inform all programs about the benefits of Animal Chiropractic and to inform students of the requirements, schools, CE credits and how to become certified.

Student leaders: Taylor Gregg
Faculty advisor: Dr. Natalie Clausen-Meyers

Applied Kinesiology Club – AK Club

Our purpose is to facilitate understanding and learning of the Applied Kinesiology technique through active learning, speakers and guided discussion.

Student leaders: Katherine Connor, Megan Thooft, Emily Hoyt, Mena Scanlon
Faculty advisor: Dr. David Farrar

Badminton Club

The purpose of this badminton club is to give its community members, both affiliates of Northwestern Health Sciences University and the public, an outlet to play badminton and to spread awareness of its recreational and competitive natures.

Student leaders: Justine Roemhildt, Claudia Mark, James Hoang, Chris Liu
Faculty advisors: Dr. Donald Deal

Canadian Club

To bridge the gap between Canadians and Americans. Provide opportunities for students from all around the world to socialize at Northwestern. To provide valuable information about Chiropractic and its role including regulations and controls in Canada.

Student leaders: Melanie Higgins, Zach Richardson, Zach Odwak
Faculty advisor: Dr. Zach Zachman

Chiropractic Philosophy Club

Chiropractic Philosophy Club meets to deepen our understanding of what chiropractic is, it’s principles, and philosophy.

Student leaders: Trapper Ward
Faculty advisors: Dr. Zach Zachman

Christian Student Fellowship

Christian Student Fellowship exists to bring the Christian students of NWHSU together with others who wish to join us for fellowship, to study the Word of God, and to do the work commanded of us by Jesus Christ.

Student leaders: Nathan Beyerl
Faculty advisors: Dr. Jeff Rich

Forward Thinking Chiropractic Alliance

The Mission of the Forward Thinking Chiropractic Alliance Student Clubs is to Engage, Empower, and Ignite the Student Chiropractor. The FTCA does this by including students in evidence based conversations and activities that involve the future of the chiropractic profession. We do this with the support of lectures, local meetings, conferences, and value added materials that support progressive practice and an evidence informed chiropractic education.

Student leaders: Kaylie Marks
Faculty advisors: Dr. Rebecca Katchmark

Functional Neurology Club

To provide students a foundation in functional medicine in regards to neurological improvements.

Student leaders: Kalia Bergmann
Faculty advisor: Dr. Jodi Dorpinghaus

Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA)

Provides space for all members of NWHSU communities to increase understanding and explore aspects related to sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression. Through campus programming and advocacy, individual empowerment, and community outreach, we seek to affirm the diverse experiences of LGBTQIA individuals and communities, cultivate safe spaces, foster inclusiveness, and promote healthcare equality and cultural competency.

Student leaders: Emily Nyberg, Kelsey Huber
Faculty advisor: Dr. Mary Tuchscherer

Gonstead Club

To teach and apply the science, art and philosophy of the Gonstead System. Check us out on Facebook.

Student leaders: Curt Zachmeier, Kalia Bergmann, Colyn Haugen
Faculty advisor: Dr. Mary Tuchscherer

Herb Club

The purpose of the herb club is to support students at NWHSU to broaden their understanding of herbal therapy through cultural education and practices and apply medicinal theories and knowledge to enhance daily life and professional practices.

Student leaders: Mandi Sawyer
Staff advisor: Dr. Marley Debben

Minority Association of Pre-Medical Students (MAPS)

The purpose of NWHSU MAPS shall be to further advance the purpose, mission, and vision of the SNMA and to facilitate the implementation of its national protocols throughout the region.

Student leaders: Serjey Gherciuc, Maya Carter, Shukira Abukae, Sherifat Olugode, Nimo Abdullahi, Amina Mohamed, and Zeinab Abdelhai
Faculty advisors: Dr. Anusha Natarajarathinam

Motion Palpation Club

Motion Palpation is a technique used by Doctors of Chiropractic to locate joint dysfunction within the spinal column and extremities. Come join our Club to better you Motion Palpation skill in a fun, learning environment.

Student leaders: Nake Skare, Hayden Vogel, Bailey Redfearn, Taylor Thooft
Faculty advisor: Dr. Scott Oswald

Pre-Health Club

The Pre-Med Association is a student run organization that seeks to support undergraduate and Post-Bac students in achieving program goals through collaborative input, network building, resource training and forward planning.

Student leaders: Stephen Engelhardt, Jessica Eisenhauer,
Faculty advisor: Dr. Jason Thoen

Pregnancy & Pediatric Club

The goal of the pediatric club is to come together as students and learn how to better treat maternal and pediatric patients. We are focused on mastering our chiropractic abilities in treating the pediatric and maternal population in all aspects of techniques, therapies and ideas.

Student leaders:  Katie Klundt
Faculty advisor: Dr. Anne Spicer

Radiation Therapy Club

Radiation Therapy Club is for students who are enrolled in the radiation therapy program. We are dedicated to learning more about radiation therapy through speakers and working with one another to prepare for exams.

Student leaders: Mathew Molinari, Lindsey Reyes Corona
Faculty advisors: Jessica Donahue

SACA Sports Council

The SACA Sports Counil meets to develop a deeper understanding of chiropractic in sports among students along with all aspects of the chiropractic profession by insuring that all available information concerning the profession.

Student leaders: Rachel Fix, Mike Cooper, Kaylie Marks, Derek Fruetel, Sierra Olm
Faculty advisors: Dr. Andrew Klein

Student Ambassador Club

To assist prospective students make an informed decision about choosing to attend our school/programs.

Student leaders: Kalia Bergmann, Kayla Nester
Faculty advisor: Steve Nordstrom

Student American Black Chiropractic Association (SABCA)

“Integrating and improving outcomes for persons of color entering the profession of Doctor of Chiropractic” – American Black Chiropractic Association

Student leaders: Rahul Bhakta, Kahlil Permenter, Nicholas Rusch-Maier, Alecia Marfio, Kao Hlee Xiong
Faculty advisors: Dr. Zach Zachman

Student American Chiropractic Association (SACA)

SACA connects students with the American Chiropractic Organization; develops networks of students and current professionals; advocates and encourages advocacy for the betterment of the profession; and encourages student involvement with the national professional organization, the
American Chiropractic Organization, and its student subsidiary, the Student American Chiropractic Organization.

Student leaders: Hannah Goltz, Kahlil Permenter, Jake Schofield, Melanie Nuthals, Mikaela Lengwin, Paul Wood
Faculty advisors: Dr. Michele Maiers

Student American Society of Acupuncture (SASA)

SASA connects students with the American Society of Acupuncturists.

Student leaders: Hannah Zeleznikar, Stephen Engelhardt, Andrea McNeer, Sophia Catanoso, Stephanie Carey
Faculty advisor: Dr. Greta Jeffrey

Student Parent Association (SPA)

The Student Parent Association meets to connect student parents with each other and to help them build networks and support systems.

Student leaders: Rachel Thompson
Faculty advisors: Dr. Verena Van Fleet

Tai Ji

This club will serve as a safe space for students to learn, practice and continue learning
Tai Ji. We will explore it’s health benefits and practicality for everyday living

Student leaders: Jesse Ho, Beck Bravard
Faculty advisors: Mei Wang

The Wellness Way

To develop a better understanding of physiology, functional blood levels, and how to treat common medical conditions in a wholistic manner. Meet with various doctors in the community who practice functional medicine, hold frequent meetings teaching club members about various conditions and what it would look like treating them in a clinical setting.

Student leaders: Emilee Mytinger, Bailey Redfearn
Faculty advisors: Dr. Zach Zachman

TRT – Torque Release Technique Club

Introduction to torque release technique.

Student leaders: Connor Nagle, Kaytlin Westerberg
Faculty advisor: Dr. Zach Zachman

Veteran’s Club

To provide information on programs and benefits for military members and their families. To raise public and congressional awareness in order to reform the military healthcare system (Tri-care) and VA hospitals to include chiropractic, massage and acupuncture & Chinese medicine care. NCLC-lobby congress, letter writing campaigns to VFW’s, American Legions, MN Military Appreciation Fund, Support group for service members and their families, speakers to inform of programs and benefits. Act as a support network to Veterans and their families.

Student leaders: Brian Morris, Mackenzie Reinke, Alex Grubish
Faculty advisor: Dr. Tim Stark

Volleyball Club

We want to promote students involvement of an on campus community as well as provide a physical aspect to staying active and keeping our bodies healthy.

Student leaders: Mark Uhlit, Colton Woodbury
Faculty advisor: Dr. Chris Major