NWHSU Student Clubs and Organizations

Activator Club

To familiarize students with the Activator Methods protocol and evaluation technique.

Student leaders: Kristy Arneson, Tyler Pensis
Faculty advisors: Dr. Kevin Kalb

Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Business Club

The purpose of this club is to help facilitate students to feel comfortable in the pursuit of self-employment. We acknowledge that while OUR TOM education and opportunities for clinical study at NWHSU are impressive, we believe that we will be better prepared, post-graduation, if we get increased frequency and consistent exposure to business concepts.

Student leaders: KC Dall’Amore, Angie Weber
Faculty advisor:

Acupuncture Study Club

The purpose of this club is to help ACM students study for practical exams, written exams and boards.

Student leaders: Melinda Hansen
Faculty advisor: Dr. Mei Wang

Animal Chiropractic Club

To inform all programs about the benefits of Animal Chiropractic and to inform students of the requirements, schools, CE credits and how to become certified.

Student leaders: Laura Bursey, Andrea Grof
Faculty advisor: Dr. Natalie Clausen-Meyers

Applied Kinesiology Club – AK Club

Our purpose is to facilitate understanding and learning of the Applied Kinesiology technique through active learning, speakers and guided discussion.

Student leaders: Ross Marchegiani, Courtney Bernard
Faculty advisor: Dr. Jodell Skaufel

Asian Cultural Club

To support all students to experience campus life and associated with other diverse groups in the community. To bring together students who are interested in learning more about Asian heritage.

Student leaders: Soua Yang, David Yang
Faculty advisor: Dr. Alejandra Dashe

Basketball Club

To bring unity to the student body through the sport of basketball.

Student leaders: Tim Borowski, Jesse Leith
Faculty advisor: Dr. David Farrar

Be Bold Women’s Group

To provide a supportive environment for women on the NWHSU campus to learn how to become fully visible in their lives by building confidence, embracing vulnerability, expressing authenticity, and leading brave intentional lives.

Student leaders: Jamie Wilcox, Ashley Blaine
Faculty advisor: Michelle Renee

Canadian Club

To bridge the gap between Canadians and Americans. Provide opportunities for students from all around the world to socialize at Northwestern. To provide valuable information about Chiropractic and its role including regulations and controls in Canada.

Student leaders: Kristine Grenier, Shaylin Prout, Alyssa Clarkson
Faculty advisor: Dr. Anita Manne

Christian Student Fellowship

Christian Student Fellowship exists to bring the Christian students of NWHSU together with others who wish to join us for fellowship, to study the Word of God, and to do the work commanded of us by Jesus Christ.

Student leaders: Haley Bertsch, Breanna Adams
Faculty advisor: Dr. Jeff Rich

Climbing and Hiking Club

A club to introduce students to indoor and outdoor rock climbing and hiking.

Student leaders: Robert Dorn
Faculty advisor: Dr. Chris Major

Club Ignite

To unite students of all programs and support one another in our development and growth in our prospective profession. We will work on professional growth, balancing art, science and philosophy; and hear from others in our profession who have walked this path and followed the road to success.

Student leaders: Anna Anderson, Monica Veil
Faculty advisor: Dr. Jodell Skaufel

Corporate Health and Wellness

The Corporate Health and Wellness Club is to help students learn the fundamentals of workplace health, wellness, and safety with special emphasis on time-honored, proactive and prevention strategies, and the wide variety of career opportunities available to them within this rapidly evolving specialty.

Student leaders: Scott McGraw, Clayton Anderson
Faculty advisor: Dr. Chad Henriksen

Endurance Sports Club

The endurance sports club is a group of running, biking, and swimming enthusiasts of all abilities that meet every week to train together. Our primary goal is to foster relationships between healthy active individuals through endurance sports.

Student leaders: Kyle Severson
Faculty advisors: Dr. Chris Major


To teach students how to be better doctors by teaching them the technique of Gait and Functional analysis which aids in increasing an individual’s abilities to evaluate patients.

Student leaders: Allison Danielson, Taylor Meyers
Faculty advisor: Dr. Joseph Sweere

Functional Medicine Club

To educate students with personalized medicine that deals with primary prevention and underlying causes of disease instead of symptoms for serious conditions.

Student leader: Steve Scarfia
Faculty advisor: Dr. Jonathan Williams

Functional Neurology Club

To provide students a foundation in functional medicine in regards to neurological improvements.

Student leaders: John Narlock
Faculty advisor: Dr. Jodell Skaufel

Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA)

Provides space for all members of NWHSU communities to increase understanding and explore aspects related to sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression. Through campus programming and advocacy, individual empowerment, and community outreach, we seek to affirm the diverse experiences of LGBTQIA individuals and communities, cultivate safe spaces, foster inclusiveness, and promote healthcare equality and cultural competency.

Student leaders: John Ketelsen, Michael Roamnski
Faculty advisor: Dr. Alejandra Dashe

Gonstead Club

To teach and apply the science, art and philosophy of the Gonstead System. Check us out on Facebook.

Student leaders: Patrick Bain, Brooke Preston
Faculty advisor: Dr. Joseph Sweere

Herb Club

The purpose of the herb club is to support students at NWHSU to broaden their understanding of herbal therapy through cultural education and practices and apply medicinal theories and knowledge to enhance daily life and professional practices.

Student leaders: Marley Debban, Meghan Spees, Carolyn Bott
Staff advisor: Sheryl Cota

Hmong Language Club

We seek to educate Hmong student and non-Hmong students in a medical educational setting through workshop and dialogues. We will provide a place for students to learn how to read and write Hmong so that will be more familiar with the culture and language.

Student leaders: Rassacin Ly, Soua Yang
Staff advisor: Paul Leclair

J.E.D.I Club (Justice, Equality, Diversity, & Inclusion)

To promote diversity awareness on campus through speakers, lectures and campus events.

Student leaders: Christopher Johnson
Staff advisor: Dr. Mary Tuchscherer

League of Chiropractic Women

The League of Chiropractic Women is dedicated to bringing female chiropractic students and practitioners together to discuss challenges women may encounter as providers, women’s health, and alternate chiropractic techniques.

Student leaders: Brooke Preston, Annie Baietto, Harmony Kuban
Faculty advisor: Dr. Katie Burns-Ryan

Love Your Melon

On a mission to give a hat to every child battling cancer as well as supporting non-profit organizations who lead the fight against pediatric cancer.

Student leaders: Ashley Vandolah, Daniele Grathwohl
Faculty advisor: Jodi Doringhaus

Mandrain Language Club

To learn and apply mandarin language in daily and professional life.

Student leaders: Christopher Johnson, Cassandra Havenor
Faculty advisor: Yung-Chi Sung

Massage Therapy Club

To provide guest speakers from different modalities and as a source of communication to explain/clarify the changes to licensure/certification from the state level.

Student leaders: Melinda Hansen
Faculty advisor: Sarah Zamastil

Motion Palpation Club

Motion Palpation is a technique used by Doctors of Chiropractic to locate joint dysfunction within the spinal column and extremities. Come join our Club to better you Motion Palpation skill in a fun, learning environment.

Student leaders: Scott Hogan, Sahah Weidler
Faculty advisor: Dr. Scott Oswald

Nei Jing Club

The mission of the Nei Jing Club is to encourage the NWHSU community to better understand the classical theories of Chinese Medicine.

Student leaders: Ashley Blaine, Shelby Dyrdahl
Faculty advisor: Yongping Jiang

Network Spinal Analysis Club

An evidence based approach to wellness and body awareness. Gentle precise touch to the spine cue the brain to create new wellness promoting strategies.

Student leaders: Sheena Yetter
Faculty advisor: Dr. Joseph Sweere

NUCCA/Upper Cervical Club

Learn about and practice the National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association (NUCCA) technique to utilize in your future practice.

Student leaders: Breanna Adams, Madison Vanata
Faculty advisor: Dr. William Elkington

NWHSU Strength and Conditioning Club

The focus of the club will be centered on the strength and conditioning aspect of various sports including but not limited to: powerlifting, bodybuilding, strongman, CrossFit, and various team sports. Whether you want to learn proper technique of a squat or clean, get started on a proper workout program or learn more about the nutritional aspect of human performance we will have something to offer.

Student leaders: Brad Neitzel, Karlee Simkowski
Faculty advisor: Dr. Tim Stark

Pediatric Club

The goal of the pediatric club is to come together as students and learn how to better treat maternal and pediatric patients. We are focused on mastering our chiropractic abilities in treating the pediatric and maternal population in all aspects of techniques, therapies and ideas.

Student leaders: Allycia Linke, Megan Hejny
Faculty advisor: Dr. Linda Bowers

Ping Pong Club

To discuss principles of chiropractic to help develop your own philosophy of chiropractic.

Student leaders: Gary Joura, Sheena Vij, Drew Pfuff
Faculty advisor: Dr. Stephen Markus

Philsophy Club

To discuss principles of chiropractic to help develop your own philosophy of chiropractic.

Student leaders: Andy Hawkins
Faculty advisor: Dr. Joseph Sweere

Ping-Pong Club

To discuss principles of chiropractic to help develop your own philosophy of chiropractic.

Student leaders: Gary Joura, Sheena Vu, Jordan Robertson
Faculty advisor: Dr. Stephen Markus

Pre-Health Club

The Pre-Med Association is a student run organization that seeks to support undergraduate and Post-Bac students in achieving program goals through collaborative input, network building, resource training and forward planning.

Student leaders: Jon Kuo, Adam Weber
Faculty advisor: Dr. Jason Thoen

Qi Gong Club

The purpose of this club is to promote student awareness about the natural healing process through breathing and movement and to practice the different forms of Qi Gong.

Student leaders: Stephen Thompson
Faculty advisor: Dr. Stephen Markus

Rehab 2 Performance – R2P

To create a network of the highest quality clinicians, scientists and exercise processionals, as a means to encourage health and disability management and injury prevention.

Student leaders: Travis Johnson, Jacob Desantis
Faculty advisor: Dr. Scott Oswald

Research & Journal Club

To increase student involvement on campus in research opportunities and to cultivate increased understanding of and appreciation for research.

Student leaders: Greg Freitag, Brooke Preston
Faculty Advisors: Dr. Michele Maiers

Soccer Club

To be active in the community and get students outside being active.

Student leaders: Dorin Pogreban, Jessica Wark
Faculty advisor: Dr. Chris Major

Social Dance Club

To educate and build community through experimental learning of social dances and to support a ‘Live Healthy’ environment.

Student leaders: Greta Hazer
Faculty advisor: Barbara Gosse

Spanish Language Club

Where students will learn common based medical terminology to be better prepared with Spanish speaking patients in their community and field of work.

Student leaders: Neysi Ocampo Sorto, Esmeralda Silva
Faculty advisor: Dr. Alejandra Dashe

Student Ambassador Club

To assist prospective students make an informed decision about choosing to attend our school/programs.

Student leaders: Dan Houjnet, Brett Kuca
Faculty advisor: Stephen Nordstrom

TRT – Torque Release Technique Club

Introduction to torque release technique.

Student leaders: Michael Rees, Axel Osborn
Faculty advisor: Dr. Zach Zachman

Veteran’s Club

To provide information on programs and benefits for military members and their families. To raise public and congressional awareness in order to reform the military healthcare system (Tri-care) and VA hospitals to include chiropractic, massage and acupuncture & oriental medicine care. NCLC-lobby congress, letter writing campaigns to VFW’s, American Legions, MN Military Appreciation Fund, Support group for service members and their families, speakers to inform of programs and benefits. Act as a support network to Veterans and their families.

Student leaders: Richard Garcia
Faculty advisor: Dr. Tim Stark

Volleyball Club

The volleyball club is dedicated to organizing leagues and open gym play on campus throughout the academic year. All students, faculty, and staff are welcome to participate in an indoor court volleyball league and open gym play during the fall and winter months as well as a sand court league in the summer months. Volleyball club encourages all skill levels to participate in this athletic and competitive outlet on campus.

Student leaders: Kelsey Kraczek, Derek Goracke
Faculty advisor: Dr. Chris Major