Chiropractic Alumni Association

Dr. Katy Lundell

Students will get the highest quality education in chiropractic at Northwestern.

Dr. Katy Lundell had already worked in two careers, including as a massage therapist, when she decided to pursue a career as a chiropractor. “Students and staff at Northwestern were very encouraging when I wanted to go back to school. The admissions people were friendly and the professors were just lovely. They were ready to help me out with anything.”

The unversity’s integrative approach was the tipping point in her decision to choose Northwestern. “The ability to have an integrative viewpoint absolutely sold me. After my first visit, I knew that Northwestern was the place for me.”

Dr. Lundell found that Northwestern’s business and professional foundations classes were very helpful in starting her own practice, Lundell Chiropractic Health Center, after her graduation in 2010. “I think Northwestern is the only school that has business classes in every trimester. I think that’s a phenomenal thing about your education here. It taught me what I needed to know and who I needed to work with to be successful.”

Other important aspects of Dr. Lundell’s education were the internationally known faculty and the high quality research center. “Professors at Northwestern are there because they love working with students and they love teaching. And having the research facility on campus is fantastic.”

Dr. Lundell is impressed with the multi-faceted nature of Northwestern. “Northwestern is active through research, active through legislation, active through leadership – whatever floats your boat, you can find it here.”

Dr. Lundell considers her education second to none. “Students should know that they will get the highest quality education in chiropractic and the basic sciences at Northwestern.”