Chiropractic Alumni Association

Dr. Mark Garnett

Northwestern faculty conveyed the message ‘you can do this too.’

Dr. Mark Garnett decided to begin his journey at Northwestern because of its great reputation. “Everybody told me that if I want to know medicine, Northwestern is the institution to attend. It’s the hardcore basic science. You can go toe-to-toe with any physician out there.”

One reason he chose Northwestern was the high percentage of its students that passed the board exams on the first try. He says the university educated him to be able to explain what chiropractic was and how it worked. “That’s really all people want to know. They want to know that they are in good hands. And Northwestern produces good doctors of chiropractic.”

A 2001 graduate of Northwestern, Dr. Garnett now works in a multidisciplinary nonprofit called Open Cities Health Center. It provides care including mental health, dental, and OBGYN, and chiropractic is one of its highest generating departments. Dr. Garnett enjoys providing chiropractic care to patients. “Giving back to the community is the best part of my job. Chiropractic is a big gift that we have to give.”

Dr. Garnett advises students to do something different than what they’re familiar with, while they’re at Northwestern. “That’s where your success lies, out of your comfort zone. You have to push to make it happen.”

From there, Dr. Garnett says, Northwestern supports students in achieving their goals. “Northwestern faculty conveyed the message ‘you can do this too.’ Northwestern is the best institution on the planet. When students leave here, they can go anywhere in the world and succeed.”