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Medical Assisting
What to Look for in a Medical Assistant Program: 9 Essential Questions to Ask

How do you know what to look for in a medical assistant program? Start with these key questions.

Medical Assisting
Q&A on Being a Medical Assistant: Tips from a Hiring Manager

Insights from a hiring manager will help you understand why the medical assistant profession is a great career choice.

Medical Assisting
What is the Difference Between a Medical Assistant vs. a CNA?

Learn the differences between a medical assistant vs. a CNA and find out which profession may be right for you.

Medical Assisting
A Medical Assistant’s Salary: Expert Insights to Help Understand the Numbers AND the Profession

Learn about a medical assistant’s salary and get expert insights to understand the many rewards of this profession.

Medical Assisting
What Does a Medical Assistant Do? 9 Important Responsibilities for a Profession in High Demand

What does a medical assistant do? Learn the details of this crucial healthcare profession.

Medical Assisting
How to Become a Medical Assistant

We reveal how to become a medical assistant, one of the fastest-growing professions in healthcare.