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2023 PBPH Success Stories

The Post Baccalaureate Premedical (PBPH) Program at Northwestern Health Sciences University helps students prepare for their next step in healthcare: medical school, dental school, PA school, and more.  It’s our favorite time of year, when we share the PBPH success… Read More ›

What is the Difference Between Pre-Health and Pre-Med?

How to Choose the Right Program for You When it comes to preparing for a career in medicine, you will likely encounter two terms: pre-health and pre-med programs. Both pre-health and pre-med programs aim to provide students with the foundational… Read More ›

What’s Stopping You From Switching to a Healthcare Career?

Is your dream job in healthcare? See how a post-baccalaureate pre-med program can help you switch to a healthcare career.

Improving Your GPA for Med School

Here are 8 essential insights if you’re trying to improve your GPA to get into med school or other healthcare programs.

Choosing the Right Post-Baccalaureate/Pre-Med Program: 10 Key Questions to Ask

How can you choose a Post-Baccalaureate/Pre-Health/Pre-Med program that’s right for you? Ask these 10 questions.