Clinically Experienced Faculty

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You learn from experienced, knowledgeable and caring faculty who are committed to your success. They teach based on professional experience, including extensive clinical experience and professional achievements.

Many of our faculty have specialized training in areas including pathology, radiology, pediatrics and sports injuries. They share their real-world experience, making your basic science and chiropractic science courses come to life.

Our chiropractic faculty:

Regard you as a future colleague

Our faculty understand that they are training their future peers and treat you with care and respect from day one. They train and educate you with the highest academic and professional standards.

Support you

Students often say how approachable and supportive our faculty are – they are genuinely concerned about your academic and professional success. You can expect one-on-one help whether you are having difficulty or just want to ask questions.

Bring a range of credentials

You learn from doctors of chiropractic and other experts in their fields who are PhDs, MDs, doctors of naturopathy and nurse practitioners.

Have broad professional achievements

In addition to being exceptional instructors and mentors, our faculty are:

  • Experts who lecture around the globe
  • Leaders in professional organizations at the state and national level
  • Contributors in educational and clinical research
  • Members of test writing committees for the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners
  • Authors of textbooks and journal articles
  • Editors of peer reviewed journals
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