Great River 2023: Sabine Wilms, PhD

Sabin Wilms - Great RiverSabine Wilms, PhD, is the author and translator of more than a dozen books on Chinese medicine. In addition to writing, translating, and publishing her work through her company Happy Goat Productions, she lectures around the world and mentors students through her mentorship program at

She also runs the world’s only rigorous intensive training program on classical Chinese for practitioners of Chinese medicine ( Some of her favorite topics are gynecology, pediatrics, medical ethics, and “nurturinglife” as envisioned in the Chinese medical classics.

Her publications include translations of Sun Simiao’s writings on pediatrics (Venerating the Root); of the Divine Farmer’s Classic of Materia Medica (Shennong Bencao Jing); and of two books on Wang Fengyi’s system of “Five Element Virtue Healing” (Let the Radiant Yang Shine Forth and Twelve Characters); and a translation and discussion of the Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic (Huang di Nei Jing Suwen) chapter five (Humming with Elephants); of the Fuxing jue zangfu yongyao fayao (Celestial Secrets) and of Qi Zhongfu’s Hundred Questions on Gynecology (Nuke, Bai Wen, published as Channeling the Moon).