Upcoming Continuing Education Courses

In-Person On Our Twin Cities Campus

Active Release Technique–Spine Level 1
Sept. 10-12, 16 CEs, Instructor: Alesha Willis, D.C.
Learn how to effectively treat common soft-tissue disorders like TMJ, migraines, low back pain, and other various neck and back injuries. Utilizing palpation, you will learn to compare the movement and texture of healthy versus unhealthy tissue to detect problems with muscles, fascia, tendons, ligaments, and nerves. Learn more.

Chiropractic Acupuncture Certificate Program
100-hour program starts Sept. 17-19. Continues weekends of Oct. 22-24, Nov. 19-21, and Dec. 10-12, 100 CEs, Multiple instructors
This new four-session 100-hour program provides chiropractors the opportunity to learn the age-old technique of acupuncture in levels of progression. Each session incorporates classroom and laboratory practicum to advance your acupuncture knowledge along with your clinical application skills. Complete the program and pass the exams so you can qualify to apply for the NBCE exam and register with your state to offer acupuncture as an adjunct therapy. Learn more.

Cranio-Sacral Therapy
Sept. 24-25, 8 CEs, Instructor: Alane Lucht, D.C.
Gain a working understanding of Cranio-Sacral therapy, including hand placement, palpation, and evaluation. Learn how to properly induce a still-point, which allows innate healing to take place. Learn the history, anatomy, physiology, and energy behind this gentle form of bodywork. This course is a mix of lectures and hands-on practice. The limit is 32 people. Learn more.

48 Hour Nutrition Certificate Program
Sept. 24-25. To earn the certificate, take 3 other courses on Oct. 29-30, Nov. 12-13, and Dec. 10-11, 48 total CEs, Instructor: Charles Sefcik, D.C.
This standalone course is part 1 of a 4 part, 48-hour Nutrition program that will give you a complete Nutritional System you can share with your patients. Gain the knowledge and confidence to help your patients immediately. Inflammation is the topic for September. Learn more.

In-Person Across the United States

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  • Auto Collision Injuries 2020, Part B
    Sept. 9, Eau Claire, WI, 5 CEs, Instructor: Daniel Dock, D.C.
    Identify accident-related injuries and how to best treat them.
  • Vitality with Hands on Workshops
    Sept. 11-12, Cleveland, OH, 12 CEs, Instructor: Dan Murphy, D.C.
    Improve clinical outcomes through poly-therapeutic intervention.
  • Revolutionary Wellness: An Integrative Approach to Health
    Sept. 11, Atlantic City, NJ, 6 CEs, Instructor: Robert Silverman, D.C.
    Learn to assess and understand traumatic brain injuries.
  • Treatment Protocols and Rehabilitation in a Post-COVID World
    Sept. 11-12, Cincinnati, OH, 12 CEs, Instructor: Mario Fucinari, D.C.
    Learn the proper methods to examine, detect, and heal your patient in 2021.
  • Get Back in the Game
    Sept. 17, Portland, OR, 6 CEs, Instructor: Kirk Gair, D.C.
    Learn simple and quick laser techniques to help all levels of athletes.
  • Performance Optimization Improving Outcomes through Clinical Analysis
    Sept. 17, Houston, TX, 6 CEs, Instructor: Jerome Rerucha
    Gain the knowledge you need to add low-level laser therapy to your practice.
  • Personal Injury for Busy Providers
    Sept. 17, Phoenix, AZ, 8 CEs, Instructor: Scott Tauber, D.C.
    Learn to cut through the personal injury clutter and improve patient care.
  • Clinical Practice and Thoracic Lumbar Symptoms Part B
    Sept. 23, Salt Lake City, UT, 5 CEs, Instructor: Dan Dock, D.C.
  • Health Shogun Series #1: Intro to Holistic/Wellness Clinic
    Sept. 23, Oldsmar, FL or webinar, 5 CEs, Instructor: Greg W. Peterson, D.C.
  • Making A Difference #Erchonia2021
    Sept. 23-24, Orlando, FL, 14CEs
    Annual seminar and golf tournament in sunny Florida.

Online Self-Paced Courses

  • Prepare for the CCSP exam
  • X-ray, Acupuncture, and Professional Boundaries
  • DOT Physical Exam or Drug and Alcohol Testing

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