How to Apply for Student Employment

All student employment positions are posted on the University website to allow all students an equal opportunity to apply for employment. The Human Resources Department determines wages. All Federal Work Study funds are subject to IRS tax rules and regulations.

How to apply

  1. Check our online job listing for all current student employment opportunities and to complete an online application.
  2. The hiring supervisor will review your application and may contact you for an interview.
  3. If you are new to student employment and after your application is approved by the hiring supervisor you will receive an email with the required employment documents attached. These documents need to be completed and on file in the Human Resources office before you can begin to record any time worked in our employee portal on ADP.
  4. Turn in your completed documents to Human Resources (room 113).
  5. You may begin working once all the required payroll documentation and identification is on file in Human Resources.  Once your has been entered in the payroll system, you will receive an email listing the job code and instructions on how to register in the employee portal for recording your time worked.

If you have any questions about student employment, contact Human Resources.