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We wish to recognize these generous contributors for their charitable support. Their gifts help Northwestern shape the practice of natural health care and improve the lives of millions of people.

President’s Circle

$1,000+ annually

Dr. Katherine Adames Meyer
Dr. John Allenburg
Ms. Janice Anderson
Dr. Joshua Biberdorf
Ms. Susan Biwer
Dr. Gary Blom
Dr. Byron Blowers
Dr. Nicholas Bogannam
Dr. Brook Bowhay
Dr. Leo Bronston
Dr. Renée DeVries
Mr. Ross Dugas
Dr. Kent Erickson
Dr. Vivi-Ann Fischer
Mr. Brady Forseth
Mr. N. Walter Graff
Mr. Kent Greenawalt
Dr. David Haas
Dr. James Heston
Mr. Benjamin Hill-Jacobson
Dr. Cody Hoefert
Dr. Jacob Holkup
Dr. Norman Horns
Dr. Lee Hudson
Dr. Christopher Jo
Dr. Keith Johnson
Ms. Kay Johnston
Ms. Karen Larson
Dr. Daniel Lecy
Dr. Gregory Lowenberg
Dr. Susan Marty-Eldridge
Dr. Scott Millner
Dr. J. David Mitchell
Dr. Bradley Moseng
Dr. Brent Moseng
Dr. Bruce Moseng
Dr. Chad Munsterman
Dr. Scott Munsterman
Mr. Mahendra Nath
Dr. David Neubauer
Dr. David Peterson
Ms. Deborah Peterson
Dr. Thomas Rice
Dr. Charles Sawyer
Dr. Russell Sawyer
Dr. Robert Servais
Dr. James Sieffert
Dr. Gebhard Sproll
Dr. Joseph Sweere
Dr. Alfred Traina
Dr. Thomas Trainer
Dr. Emily Tweed
Dr. Carroll Winkler
Dr. Zachary Zachman

University Partners

Exceptional, sustaining support

Center for Diagnostic Imaging (CDI)
Erchonia Corporation
Foot Levelers, Inc.
Hygenic Performance Health, Inc. (makers of Biofreeze)
Nutrition Dynamics, Inc.
Standard Process Inc.

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