Research Education

This project represents a collaboration between Northwestern Health Sciences University and the University of Minnesota. It involves a cohesive multidisciplinary team of educators, scientists, Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM), and conventional practitioners.

Our team’s broad objective is to facilitate evidence-informed practice (EIP) among CAM providers, specifically doctors of chiropractic, massage therapists, and acupuncture and East Asian medicine providers (EAM). Through the practice of EIP, we aim to educate research-literate healthcare providers who are open and able to respond to a changing knowledge base.

The following summarizes the main aims of the project:

Aim 1: To establish an EIP-focused student research curriculum
Aim 2: To establish an EIP-focused faculty development program
Aim 3: To establish an EIP-focused post-graduate program
Aim 4: To offer EIP practical experiences that will stimulate the use and conduct of research
Aim 5: To employ systematic qualitative and quantitative evaluation of the programs

We employ the classic ADDIE instructional development model as the underlying approach to each of our specific aims. It includes five phases: analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation. The iterative nature of the model has allowed us to remain flexible and responsive to Northwestern’s various institutional and individual needs, while remaining focused on project goals.

Status: Active

Principal Investigator: Roni Evans, DC, MS, University of Minnesota

Site Principal Investigator: Craig Schulz, DC, MS, Northwestern Health Sciences University

Funding: National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Grant Number: R-25AT003582

Related Publications:

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