Research Education

NWHSU is committed to providing its faculty members with the resources they need to foster their professional development. We have created innovative faculty opportunities that promote inter-professional dialogue and exploration of the latest scientific advances so these may be incorporated into NWHSU’s student programs and clinical settings.

Research Scholars Series

Our Research Scholars Series provides faculty the opportunity and resources to refine their EIP and research-related skills. The program is currently comprised of two, trimester-long courses offered on a rotating basis throughout the academic year. Each course consists of weekly 2-hour seminars, and 2-3 hours of self-study over 12 weeks and is led by members of the research faculty. Key features of the program include:

  • Emphasis on experiential, self-directed learning approaches centered around a project of interest and importance to the individual faculty scholar
  • Allocation of 3 hours of release time to participating faculty for each course
  • Assignment of an experienced EIP mentor who serves as a resource to the faculty scholar, and provides guidance and feedback regarding a capstone project

For educators at other institutions

One of the goals of NWHSU’s research education programs is to share with other academic institutions the resources it has developed through federal funding. Online learning modules are available to interested educators for a modest fee. All proceeds support module maintenance and the Research Fellowship Program.