Emma Broderick

I believe everyone is a teacher and all people deserve a voice.

My background
I am motivated by an inherent desire to learn about people from all backgrounds. I believe everyone is a teacher and all people deserve a voice. Age, race, gender and ability differences present no limitations in learning, they only widen the perspective. I will carry the lessons I’ve learned as a practitioner by empowering and valuing the voice of the patient.

I have sought out a wide range of educational experiences – both domestic and international. These experiences have helped me become a culturally sensitive individual and fostered my dedication to continue working with low-income, culturally diverse populations.

I graduated from the University of Minnesota with a B. A. in child psychology. While at the U of M, I volunteered at Brian Coyle Community Center, an inner city center that serves immigrant populations, and I was able to team up with the facilities youth to organize community events and fundraisers. During this time, I was also able to expand my knowledge of community organizing among diverse populations through an internship with FaceForward, a local non-profit. After graduating, I spent half a year as a volunteer yoga instructor in both Thailand and Uganda. Much of my experiences abroad shaped my decision to spread alternative health practices to less exposed populations.

I also spent a year in Americorp’s Jumpstart program, working with African-American and Hispanic children on Chicago’s south side. This experience allowed me to collaborate with teachers, students and families of many different races, ages, and religions in less priveledges communities. All of these experiences have culminated in a broader perspective and have encouraged my passion for cross-cultural exchange.

My campus involvement
I am involved in several student clubs including diversity-related clubs and the Yoga, Meditation, and Hiking and Climbing Clubs, as well as serving on the committee for the Office of Diversity and Inclusion.

Diversity is essential to the vitality of all environments, including our campus community. For the purpose of spreading awareness and expanding perspectives, it has been important for me to be apart of diverse experiences and to immerse myself in a wide-range of communities. I have grown alot from cross-cultural exchange.

My plans for the future
I dream of the opportunity to spread acupuncture and Oriental medicine in communities that might not be able to afford alternative forms of health care.

My life outside Northwestern
I explore other interests outside of school, such as dance, sketching, writing and guitar.

Contact me
I am happy to mentor any incoming students. Contact me at ebroderick@nwhealth.edu