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Dr. Cree Foster: HPC’s Newest Sports Resident

Dr. Cree Foster: HPC’s Newest Sports ResidentDr. Cree Foster is the Human Performance Center’s newest Sports Resident. She joins current resident Dr. Shiloh Heesch and is replacing outgoing resident Dr. Jaime Ayuso.  

Dr. Foster is an alumnus of NWHSU, returning to complete a two-year residency after working in a sports-focused clinic. She worked with mostly hockey players and loved the clinic but felt called to take the residency position when the opportunity presented itself. With more confidence and experience, she felt ready to begin chasing her goal of becoming a sports chiropractor.  

“As a former athlete, I am passionate about working in sports,” shared Dr. Foster. “Long term, I would like to be a chiropractor for a sports team. Short term, I want to get my CCSP, my EMT license and start the path towards a rehabilitation doctorate.” 

Dr. Foster started her residency this summer and the HPC faculty have already started guiding her to accomplish her short-term goals, get out of her comfort zone, and challenge complacency. 

“I’m eager to learn more about how to utilize progressive programs for rehabilitation of injuries and return to play protocols,” she explained. “I know that I can be the best I can be under the guidance of Dr. Mac[Donald], Dr. Heesch, and  Dr. Klein and I am looking forward to their continued support. They challenge me and my views and encourage me to always look for the answer, even if that means doing my own research.” 

She’s looking forward to learning from faculty, Dr. Heesch, and the current NWHSU students. “Dr. Klein and Dr. Heesch have backgrounds in strength and conditioning and will be great resources to learn from. I will also be teaching, which will be the most humbling and educational of my experiences here. There is no better teacher than a student, their questions provide learning opportunities and moments of grace and humility that are equally important as clinicians.”  

Story by Kit Harlow, Chiropractic Student