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NWHSU Hosts SACA Leadership Conference

The last weekend in September, Northwestern Health Sciences University proudly hosted the 2023 Student American Chiropractic Association (SACA) Leadership Conference.

The conference is an annual gathering of chiropractic students from across the country. All are leaders in their respective SACA chapters. It’s a chance for peers to meet one another and learn from doctors with different clinical and academic experiences. Participants grow in leadership, discover how to become more involved in legislation and state organizations and to gain post graduate resources and community.  

SACA Leadership Conference 2023: Integration and Collaboration

The 2023 theme was “Integration and Collaboration: Our Future is Together.” The conference focused on integrative care and how to best serve our patients and communities.  Three NWHSU faculty spoke:  Dr. Alex Sundin, Dr. Stephen Thompson, and Dr. Michele Renee. Clinicians from the surrounding Minneapolis metro community and beyond spoke as well.

The keynote speaker, Dr. David Paris, traveled from California to share his experiences working in the Veterans Affairs health care system. Topics included vulnerability and uncertainty as an early healthcare professional. Other topics were defining integrative care, and a peer-led discussion on how to adapt and serve our communities in an ever-changing world.  

Recognizing NWHSU Students for their Leadership

Sebastian Bergeron, T6 chiropractic student and NWHSU SACA president, along with me, Kit Harlow, T9 chiropractic student and SACA treasurer planned the conference. We put in countless hours to develop the theme and content of the conference. However, we couldn’t have pulled off such an inspiring event without the ACA, our advisers, and the NWHSU event planning department!  

At the conference, two NWHSU SACA members were honored for their leadership. Sebastian Bergeron was awarded the first Inaugural Dr. Michele Maiers and Dr. Heidi Henson Change Agents Award for his leadership and dedication to positive change in the chiropractic profession.

Hannah Goltz, T10 chiropractic student and president of the Student National Executive Board (SNEB), was awarded SACA member of the year. Her work within SACA is widespread. Her drive for success will impact her legacy as a leader among students and colleagues. Congratulations!  

Lastly, thank you to our SACA communications representative, Kirsten DeHaven. Kirsten gave a SACA presentation on mindfulness and mind-body connection. Thank you as well to our newest e-board member, secretary Brandy Lusk. Their contributions are equally valuable to continuing the work of the NWHSU SACA chapter.  

Student Responses to the Conference

Ihotu Ali, T6 chiropractic student and SACA legislative representative shared:

Imagine a future where midwives, doulas, chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapists, cultural healers and more are present and welcome alongside medical doctors in hospitals and on Labor and Delivery floors, because teamwork makes the dream work, as well as better patient outcomes and communication. Our future is together!”  

Ihotu was instrumental in the conference’s success, graciously moderating our panel discussion, asking thoughtful questions surrounding work in hospitals, academic centers and Black community spaces.  

Attending the 2023 leadership conference at NWHSU has made me extremely hopeful for the future of the chiropractic profession! Discussing integration and collaborating with these thoughtful and foreword thinking individuals was an incredible experience. I look forward to the continued conversations with these current and future leaders.”

– Zach Harbaugh, T6 chiropractic student and SACA vice president 

Story by Kit Harlow, Chiropractic Student 

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