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NWHSU Students Attend “Day at the Capitol”

Both the Minnesota Chiropractic and Acupuncture Associations (MCA and MAA) hosted a “Day at the Capitol” in 2024. NWHSU students and alumni attended and practiced lobbying for their professions.

Students and doctors meet with senators and representatives based on their current and hometown voting district. Leaders brief everyone on the bills and how to lobby successfully. 

MCA Day at the Capitol 

Chiropractic students and alumni lobbied for multiple bills with their representatives:

  • Modifying Coverage of Chiropractic Services in the Medical Assistance and MinnesotaCare Programs. Modifying this bill would expand coverage to include all clinically indicated physical examinations, in-office rehabilitative exercises and other non-manipulative and rehabilitative therapies. 
  • Health Care Provider Contract Termination. This bill will prohibit a health plan company from terminating a contract with a health care provider without cause and provide an appeals process to protect provider rights.
  • Health Care Provider Tax and an Alternative Revenue Source for the Health Care Access Fund. Passing this bill would suggest the provider tax be repealed and supports the passage of SF 506/ HF 2699, which would assess a 2% tax on claims paid by health insurance companies and create an alternative revenue source for the Health Care Access Fund. 

MAA Day at the Capitol

Acupuncture students and alumni focused on updating their scope of practice.

  • Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine Practice Modified. This updated scope will better define acupuncture and other modalities and remove culturally insensitive language.

The Student Experience  

This year, 11 chiropractic students from NWHSU lobbied at the Minnesota Capitol. Here are some of their testimonials:  

Isaias Trujillo shares, “I recommend that every student gets involved. There are many things that we need to overcome as a profession. But we need more involvement, and voices to create change!”  

“This year I sat in meetings with doctors from southern Minnesota where I used to be a constituent. It felt like being back in my community. It’s also awesome to talk with the representatives from the community you’re living in. They know you and they can really sympathize with the issues you face. I was able to make my voice heard by making a connection between chiropractors and decreased opioid use in one of my meetings. I had a good experience this year and felt like I was able to make a difference in my future practice and my community.” – Sophia Chapple, chiropractic student  

As the writer, I, Kit Harlow, was able to participate for the second time in lobbying at the Minnesota Capitol. I left with feelings of accomplishment, community and ambition to continue to be involved in legislation after I graduate in April. This year,I had my first meeting with a representative alone, without an experienced chiropractor accompanying me. Although I was nervous, it was awesome to be pushed out of my comfort zone for the sake of encouraging change for our profession. Diversifying my professional experiences has impacted my growth and made many opportunities for connection. I look forward tostaying involved in the MCA long after completing my graduate program.  

Interested in lobbying for change? Contact Dr. Chuck Sawyer at 

Story by Kit Harlow, Chiropractic Student