ACA Presents Alternate Delgate of the Year Award to NWHSU Alum Heidi Henson

NWHSU | March 13, 2018

NWHSU Alum Heidi Henson was recognized by the American Chiropractic Association as 2018 Alternate Delegate of the Year.

The American Chiropractic Association (ACA) House of Delegates held its annual meeting this weekend in Washington, D.C. as part of the 2018 National Chiropractic Leadership Conference. During the meeting, delegates participated in important discussions regarding the future direction of the association, shared progress on initiatives and passed resolutions on professional and public health issues.

ACA also presented its 2018 Awards during the meeting. ACA’s Annual Awards are presented to chiropractors and other individuals in recognition of exceptional service, achievement and/or leadership within the chiropractic profession.

Heidi Henson, DC, of Central Point, Oregon and Northwestern Health Sciences University (NWHSU) alumni was awarded Alternate Delegate of the Year Award. This award recognizes exceptional service, achievement and/or leadership to the profession. Read the full press release here.