Aspiring M.D. Max Oberlander is Prepared to Work in the Future of Medicine

Max Oberlander chose the Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Health Program at NWHSU because it was uniquely suited to prepare a “wandering political science major” for medical school, and because the small program allowed for incredible access to advisors. What he didn’t know was that the integrative environment of NWHSU would set him apart. 

When it came time for his med school interviews, Max shared that “they all noticed that I was taking these courses next to people who were pre-chiro, pre-PA, people who are wanting to become acupuncturists. And I think it’s really important to note because it highlighted the shift in medicine that we see today, which is towards more of an integrative approach.”

During the program, Max did research that incorporated Traditional Chinese Medicine. “Every single medical school that I interviewed at asked me about that research, because it was that unique, it’s talking about Traditional Chinese Medicine and the field of medicine is moving towards that. Physicians will ask ‘would you just go ahead and prescribe a pill for pain right away, or would you start by prescribing acupuncture?’ And the correct answer is ‘I would probably prescribe acupuncture because that’s where medicine is going.’” 

Max’s hard work paid off, and he’s now a student at his dream school: New York University – Long Island School of Medicine. “It’s going great! The volume of information is extremely difficult, but I’m learning a lot. Being a student at NWHSU was invaluable because the accelerated classes truly set me up for success in medical school, given the pace with which we have to synthesize information.”