Be Well: How NWHSU Bloomington Clinic Made its COVID Pivot

If staying healthy hasn’t been among your top concerns in 2020, you’re likely not living on Earth. The rest of us are washing our hands hourly, sanitizing surfaces, eschewing hugs from family and friends, and putting an emphasis on things that boost immunity. In short, we’ve all made a few changes because of COVID-19 worries.

The Bloomington clinic at Northwestern Health Sciences University has been making changes, too—and responding to the evolving needs of its patients. The clinic, which offers natural, holistic healthcare services and is usually open to the general public, halted in-person visits in March (in keeping with state-government orders) and pivoted to telemedicine for many services. Phone and video consultations were nothing new for the clinic’s naturopaths, says clinic lead Stacy Boone-Vikingson DC, CACCP, MBA, but delivering care via telemedicine was a fresh challenge for the clinic’s specialists in chiropractic care and Chinese medicine.

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