Be Well: How a Chiropractor Can Heal Your Shoveling Injury

MSP Mag | February 26, 2018

When Mother Nature gifts us with a hearty helping of snow, chiropractors know they will soon be seeing an influx of hurting patients. It turns out that shoveling can do quite a number on our backs, shoulders, arms, and hands—causing acute injuries or exacerbating existing conditions.

“Shoveling is an activity that people don’t do very often, and when they do it, they do a whole bunch of it,” explains Dr. Brad Finer, DC, a professor and faculty clinician at Northwestern Health Sciences University in Bloomington. “We’re not prepared physically for that.”

Fortunately, chiropractors are ready, willing, and able to treat people with shoveling injuries, returning them to healthy form in no time. First, they will determine what is causing your winter pain (besides those frozen toes and fingers). Is it a strain, a sprain, or a fracture?

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