Be Well: Soups That Heal – Immune-Boosting Broth Recipe to the Rescue

MSP Mag | November 28, 2018

’Tis the season for sneezing, and this nutrient-rich soup tastes a whole lot better than anything you’ll find in your medicine cabinet.

Even if you’re washing your hands, running from the sneezers, and taking advantage of long, dark nights to get extra sleep, it can still happen: the tickle in your throat turns into an ache, your husky voice becomes a cough, and the fatigue you powered through yesterday (oops) knocks you absolutely flat today.

At the first sign of a sniffle, or even in the middle of a full-blown viral attack, do not underestimate the power of a serious soup to put you back on the road to healing.

What’s a serious soup? A soup made from scratch with ingredients that are not just delicious and soothing, but really pack a nutritious wallop.

“Soups are an excellent choice during cold and flu season, but not just because they can warm you up. They’re great vehicles for immune-boosting garlic, ginger, and herbs and spices. Soups can also keep you hydrated during the cold months,” says registered dietician Lizzie Streit, adjunct professor at Northwestern Health and Sciences University and blogger at It’s A Veg World After All.

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