Be Well: The Chinese Medicine Body Clock

It’s rare for me to jolt out of bed after the first alarm (I live for the nights, people!), so when I found myself stirring awake at the same time, night after night—down to the minute—I determined that this was a job for Google.

Little did I know that this nightly interruption would actually be a job for Chinese medicine.

My search queries would go on to unleash a collection of articles all pointing to a common theme: the Chinese Medicine body clock. While buzzwords like “circadian rhythm” and “sleep hygiene” have been trending in the wellness space for some time, this 2,500-year-old school of thought takes things a step further and examines the functionality of our internal organs during our sleep-wake cycle. That’s right—our organs aren’t set to some automatic switch; your kidneys need time for self-care, too.

“Within our 24-hour clock, Chinese medicine assigns organ systems to different time segments,” explains Jessica Maynard, a licensed acupuncturist at Northwestern Health Sciences University’s Bloomington Clinic. “There are 12 different organs in the meridian system in the body.”

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