Be Well: Treating Branch to Root

NWHSU | March 14, 2019

As the intersection of Eastern and Western medicine widens, NWHSU and Minneapolis.St.Paul Magazine explores the path to overcoming common ailments that may lead you to the acupuncturist’s office.

Treating Branch to Root: The Diagnostic Tree of Chinese Medicine

Having trouble getting good sleep? Fighting a lingering cough? Tried everything for your allergies? Pat Casello-Maddox, associate provost at Northwestern Health Sciences University, says we should consider traditional Chinese medicine remedies.

“Think about health care as a map of the United States,” says Casello-Maddox, who has been explaining the benefits of Chinese medicine for more than 30 years as a practitioner, teacher, and administrator. “Maybe it is showing me annual rainfall or density of population. Or it’s telling me what your political leaning is in that state. All of those are maps of the United States, but they tell you different things.”

It’s much the same with health care, she says. Different practitioners look at the same body from very different perspectives. “Health care has lots of different ways we could treat you.”

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