Be Well: Twin Cities Clinics Join New Wave of Wellness

MSP Mag | February 28, 2019

Offering everything from acupuncture to massage therapy, chiro to shiatsu, local providers of natural treatments are poised to reshape the healthcare landscape. NWHSU helps Minneapolis.St.Paul Magazine highlight just a few of them.

When choosing a provider to help solve healthcare challenges and boost wellness, sometimes you need to look beyond a one-size-fits-all approach. Enter these innovative Twin Cities clinics that personalize your care and offer alternative modalities to complement and deepen your healthcare options.

Each clinic, founded by alumni of Northwestern Health Sciences University, takes into account the individualized needs of a person to provide “a beautiful mosaic of care,” says Michele Renee, DC, MAc, Director of Integrative Care at NWHSU.

“Our hope is that (care providers) can bring the array of skills we have taught them out into the community in a way that represents them individually in the best possible way,” Renee says. Here are just a few of the many exceptional local clinics.

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