Be Well: Headaches Aren’t ‘Normal’—And Here’s Why

Headaches aren't normal

From MSP Magazine via Shutterstock

The pounding, the pain, the dull ache that steals your ability to concentrate and just downright hurts. We’ve all had headaches and know they are no fun. While some headaches indicate serious medical issues like an aneurysm, stroke, or concussion, the common headache, especially when it recurs frequently, is still a condition that should be addressed—and not just accepted as a part of everyday life.

That’s because common headaches—those not associated with injury or illness—most likely stem from underlying issues that can be targeted to prevent new headaches, says Dr. Brad Finer, DC, professor at Northwestern Health Sciences University and chiropractor with a diplomate in neurology at its Bloomington Clinic.

“Headaches are not normal,” Finer adds. “People are used to taking anti-inflammatory or pain medication to take care of them, but there are other ways to deal with headaches.”

What’s causing your headache?
In the United States, 20 percent of women and 10 percent of men experience migraines and severe headaches. Common headaches tend to come in three forms: migraine, tension, and cervicogenic, or headaches that generate from the back of the neck and head. It’s not uncommon for headaches to share multiple causes.

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