Minnesota School, Global Impact

NWHSU is well represented around the globe. Our alumni come from many countries, and go on to practice in many countries. We’re proud of the impact of our alums around the world. Click on the names below to read more about how chiropractic has taken these alumni on international journeys:


From Sweden to Bloomington to Sweden to Wayzata

When she was four, Dr. Brost decided she would become a medical doctor to help her mom, who had M.S. Then, her mom visited Larry Sandberg, DC ‘72 in Stockholm, and saw real relief from an episode. Seeing that changed Dr. Brost’s mind, and she attended NWHSU. After graduation, she and good friend Olle Bonnevier, DC ‘79 returned to Stockholm to practice for six years, purchasing Dr. Sandberg’s practice. Eventually she returned to Wayzata, and opened the Brost Clinic, now one of the largest chiropractic & natural health care clinics in the Midwest.


From Jeffers, MN to Sydney, Australia

Even before graduating, Dr. Hanish knew he wanted to go to Australia. He traveled there for two weeks after graduation, and had two job offers by the time he left. Thirteen years later, he’s still in Sydney, where he now owns a practice in the suburb of Potts Point. With over 300,000 followers on Instagram, he’s showcasing chiropractic to millions of people worldwide. This year, Dr. Hanish developed a scholarship fund at NWHSU, “My philosophy is just to help as many people as possible.”


From Bird Island, MN to Kenya

Dr. Neubauer practices in Waconia, MN, but he regularly travels to a village in Kenya with a group of medical students to provide care. “People told me eight years ago that this, it’ll change you,” he remembers. “I said I am not going there to change. I’m going to offer services. But they were 100% right. I came back with ten times more of what I received than what I gave, and I gave with my heart. I still do.”


From Toronto, Canada to North Minneapolis

Canadians are well represented at NWHSU. For Dr. Robbins, the attraction was the Minneapolis Sound of the late 1980s/early 1990s. He got involved in the Black community of North Minneapolis and decided to stay here and build his practice. “I was the third Black practicing chiropractor,” shared Dr. Robbins, who now runs two “teaching type clinics:” Universal Care Clinic and Cultural Chiropractic.


From Switzerland to Bloomington to Switzerland

Dr. Uffer started medical school in Switzerland before realizing chiropractic was the field for her. Now, she sees patients “from the sporty to the not so sporty” in Zurich, including babies, seniors, and the Super League Football Team of St. Gallen. Her mentors at NWHSU inspired her to work with assistants, “to be around recent graduates keeps me on my toes regarding research.”

NWHSU Alumni Celebrate 100 Years of Chiropractic in Mexico

Gebhard Sproll, DC ’00 (pictured), Victor Youcha, DC ‘79, Ramon Flores, DC ‘97, Carlos Rivera, DC ’98, and Hector Renaro, DC ‘02

Many NWHSU graduates practice in Mexico today, and this fall five of them gathered in Mexico City to honor Enrique Benet Canut, DC and celebrate 100 years of Chiropractic in Mexico. Dr. Benet worked closely with NWHSU in establishing the Mexican Chiropractic educational programs.

Dr. Bushway and Jim McDonald also attended the celebration. Mr. McDonald, a former NWHSU professor and vice president of Advancement, was honored for his contribution in establishing two chiropractic colleges in Mexico.  He is also responsible for bringing a number of students from Mexico to NWHSU.  Dr. Enrique Benet was honored as Chiropractor of the Century.

The chiropractors in Mexico are grateful to NWHSU, Jim McDonald, Chuck Sawyer and John Allenburg for their contributions over the years.  Mr. McDonald shared that there were 40 chiropractors in Mexico when they started and there are now 3000.