NWHSU at the World Games

This July, 54 chiropractic physicians (D.C.s) from eight countries around the world came together to represent the International Federation of Sports Chiropractic (FICS) at the World Games in Birmingham, Alabama. Five of the 54 D.C.s were NWHSU community members: alumni Sarah Cuperus, Adam Millsop, Liz Moos, HPC Fellow Jaime Ayuso, and faculty member Scott Mooring.   

The World Games is a 10-day international multi-sport event sponsored by the International Olympic Committee that hosts athletes from over 100 different countries. The D.C.s served 3,600 athletes from more than 30 sports disciplines.

Dr. Jaime Ayuso working a football sideline

They came together to support not only the athletes, but each other in this new setting. “This experience in itself had its ups, downs, lefts, and rights, but it was such a rewarding experience,” said Jaime Ayuso. “I created new friendships and learned from a plethora of different doctors with lifetimes of experience in sports chiropractic.”  

Dr. Sarah Capernus at the 2019 World Games

Many of the sports were unfamiliar to the D.C.s, like sumo wrestling, archery, speedskating and billiards. The days were 10-14 hours long and the Alabama heat was unforgiving: at times reaching over 100 degrees, with thick humidity.  

Dr. Sarah Cuperus shared that working with the athletes made the long days and tough conditions worth it, as the athletes were very humble, grateful and appreciative, while giving insights into healthcare systems where they were from. 

Dr. Adam Millsop working with an athlete

All the D.C.s seemed to agree that working with the athletes, volunteers, and doctors was a once in a lifetime experience. “Being surrounded by some of the most known and accomplished providers day after day was a perfect environment to absorb so much knowledge,” shared Dr. Adam Millsop. “I picked up so many nuggets about techniques, business, and life.”

“Working with world class athletes who worked so hard to achieve their goals of being the best is inspiring,” added Dr. Scott Mooring. “Our team faced many challenges during our time in Birmingham. But we overcame every obstacle with camaraderie and teamwork, which is the most impressive memory I will take away from this experience.” 

Story by Kit Harlow, Chiropractic Student