USA Tug-Of-War team to open new training center

Rob Karwath for NWHSU | July 13, 2018

NWHSU in Bloomington to be conditioning base for unique a national team!

USA Tug-Of-War, the national organization for the national amateur tug-of-war team that competes across the country and around the world, will locate its training and conditioning center on the campus of Northwestern Health Sciences University, officials of the group and the school plan to announce.

A news conference to discuss the partnership is scheduled for 10 a.m. tomorrow, Saturday July 14, on the Northwestern campus, 2501 W. 84th St., Bloomington. The event will include a demonstration by the USA Tug-Of-War team.

“Having the USA Tug-Of-War team move their training site to Northwestern is a win-win,” said Timothy Stark, a sports chiropractor and director of Northwestern’s Human Performance Center. “Northwestern wins by having high-performance athletes in a unique sport practicing on a regular basis on our campus and participating in our integrative Sports Care Clinic. USA Tug-Of-War also wins by practicing in an environment where sports care, including strength and conditioning, can be implemented more readily.”

He added: “I’m confident that having their presence on our campus will create more opportunities for our students. I’m also hopeful that our added services will benefit the USA Tug-Of-War team, allowing them to be more successful in competitions.”

Tug-of-war is an international sport that is recognized by the International Olympic Committee. Each year, tug-of-war teams from around the globe compete in the sport’s World Championships as well as in other competitions such as the World Games.

USA Tug-Of-War was formed in 1978, the same year that the organization sent its first team to compete in the World Championships. Most of the group’s members are from Minnesota and other Upper Midwest states.

“We are thrilled to have a permanent home for training and conditioning at a place with such resources and skilled professionals as Northwestern,” said USA Tug-Of-War team coach Bill Gallagher.

He added: “The university’s clinics and the Human Performance Center—along with all of Northwestern’s able professionals staffing them—will help our team members achieve their best performances and stay healthy for competition. We also will have plenty of outdoors space on campus where we can practice.”

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