Student Interns Look Ahead to Starting a Practice

Kate Martin | April 01, 2013

Two chiropractic students share what they're learning in their internships.

Two chiropractic students were recently recognized by the Clinical Education Department as Intern of the Month for January and February. Both students are in their final year at Northwestern, and are looking ahead to their future as doctors of chiropractic.

Megan Boucher is a T8 student who will return home after graduation to practice with her mother in Maine. As a student at Northwestern she’s been very involved with educational and co-curricular activities, including as President of Functional Analysis and Gait Analysis Technique Clubs, and active membership in Pediatric, AK, Philosophy and Neurology Clubs. She also worked with St. Agnes School, a k-12 private school in St. Paul. Boucher is completing an internship with 50th & France Chiropractic, a hands-on experience where she’s learned how three partners interact and run a clinic. “Interns at this clinic also get to play a significant role in patient care, an aspect of the internship that I really value,” said Boucher. As a result, she’s learned flex-distraction, kinesio taping, and how to incorporate nutrition into patient care. “I’ve learned how to educate patients on nutrition supplements as well as teaching them the importance of eating real (whole) food,” said Boucher. She especially enjoys treating pregnant women and children. Boucher plans to incorporate the knowledge she’s gained about prenatal and pediatric nutrition from this internship directly into her future practice. She says, “Educating others will be the most important aspect of chiropractic, especially in regard to nutrition. As an intern at St. Agnes, I enjoyed working with kids. When I move back to Maine, I plan to make chiropractic known to every student.”

The February Intern of the Month was Jason Hohl, also a T8 chiropractic student. Hohl sets a high bar for himself and always goes the extra mile. He is completing an internship at Neubauer Chiropractic, where he’s learning the business aspects of operating a practice. He’s been especially interested in figuring out how to provide an exceptional service at a fair price. On campus he served as President of the Practice Starters Intensive Club, and has been an active member in the American Chiropractic Association, Applied Kinesiology, Functional Medicine, and Gait Analysis clubs. He has completed extra nutritional training, attended practice management seminars, and is currently completing certification in acupuncture. He worked part-time as a methods TA to improve his communication and educational skills. Additionally, he pursued an entrepreneurial opportunity in which he built portable chiropractic tables for many students. This venture allowed Hohl to network, market, manage sales and provide great customer service – all skills required by chiropractors. “My profession is inherently unique, with a powerful mission to bring better health and wellness to this world,” he said. Hohl plans to practice with his wife, Amber, either in Minnesota or eastern South Dakota.

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