NWHSU Alumni Advancing Integrative Care

At Northwestern Health Sciences University, we believe the future is integrative, whole-person care. Our alumni and students are leaders in that future: reimagining healthcare through your practice, collaboration, and innovation.  

But what do we mean when we say “integrative care?” 

Integrative care is NWHSU’s vision for the future of healthcare.  

In an integrative care system everyone has access to care that fits their needs and providers work together—across disciplines—to help patients meet their goals. The result is health creation for all. 

Integrative care takes many different shapes in your work as healthcare providers and professionals: there is no one linear path to a static integrative model. At NWHSU, our role is to prepare students to work in the future of healthcare, and to support you, our alumni and friends, as you advance integrative care models that benefit your patients and the wider community. 

We’re incorporating integrative care concepts into all our programs at NWHSU, and we launched a fully online Master of Health Science in Integrative Care as part of our new Institute for Integrative Care.  

This year we also published a position paper defining and arguing for an aspirational vision of integrative care: a sustainable, highly collaborative model that creates greater health across all populations. 

“Our goal was to create shared language for the healthcare community to use as we advance a system that centers health creation,” shared Michele Maiers, DC, MPH, PhD, Executive Director, Research and Innovation, President of the ACA, and a lead author on the paper. “By clearly defining concepts necessary for building an integrative care model, we hope to make progress feel more achievable for organizations, businesses, and practitioners across the healthcare landscape.”  

Here, we’re showcasing alumni and friends who are living integrative care in their own ways: working in large health systems, in solo practice, or somewhere in-between.

Re-Thinking Community Care from the Ground Up  
Sri Umapathi, Medical Director, St. Paul Wellness Center  

Creating a Welcoming Space for Healing   
Kim Christensen, Co-owner of Constellation Acupuncture and Healing Arts and Artemis Brown, Massage Therapist  

Bringing NWHSU Chiropractic Students into an Innovative, Transdisciplinary Internship Experience 
Molly Magnani, Lead Chiropractor, Allina Hospitals and Clinics  

Specializing, Building a Care Network, and Staying in his Swim Lane   
Kevin Rebman, Founder and Owner, Return to Play Institute, Minneapolis, MN    

Changing the Narrative Around Chiropractic  
Zeynep Tuzcu, Owner, Evren Chiropractic