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Standard Process Nutrition Endowed Chair
Undergraduate Health Sciences

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Currently Teaching (2017-2018)

I am thrilled to be at Northwestern Health Sciences University and be an integral part of the new Master of Health Science and Graduate Certificate Programs in Applied Clinical Nutrition. I believe our health is our wealth - so one of our roles as healthcare professionals is to help individuals maximize and optimize theirs!

I began my career path at the University of Minnesota as an undergraduate in the Nutrition and Dietetics program. It seemed like a logical choice - I already knew a great deal about healthy eating since our family had a homestyle cafe which had the motto "Good Food is Good Health." Moreover, I was always fascinated as well as intrigued by how our body worked and in particular, how what we ate actually affected our health. That fascination still continues today.

Along this career path, in addition to becoming a registered and licensed dietitian, I also received a master’s degree in public health from the University of California, Berkeley and completed my doctorate in nutrition at the University of Minnesota with a goal of making nutrition education available and relevant to healthcare professionals.

Throughout my career, I also provided nutritional counseling to individuals in various clinical settings, conditions and ages along with teaching at the professional/graduate level, both online and face-to-face, and conducting research. Some of the settings I was privileged to work at include the University of California San Francisco Medical Center, the Minnesota Department of Health, the University of Southern California, Los Angeles and the University of Kentucky, Lexington. I was also fortunate to have received the John M. Kinney International Award for Nutrition and Metabolism for one of my research publications.

As many of you realize, nutrition plays an important role in all aspects of health and wellness, including the prevention, treatment, management of many chronic diseases and public health nutrition concerns such as obesity and its related co-morbidities. In addition, keeping up with the new nutrition-related information that emerges daily can be challenging.

One of my goals for our educational programs in applied clinical nutrition is to provide you, as practicing and future healthcare/wellness professionals, the information and skills necessary to optimize the nutritional health of your patients and clientele within your discipline’s scope of practice. Another goal is to give you a strong foundation in applied clinical nutrition to be able to decipher the fads and fiction from the evidence-based science and research and apply the latter for the optimal care and well being of your patients and clientele. I look forward to working with you towards this end and to help you reach and fulfill your career goals.


  • Doctor of Philosophy - University of Minnesota, 1984


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